My Online Gaming Past

I have been a fan of Massively Multiplayer Online Games ever since the release of Everquest. While I also enjoy RTS and FPS games, they have little relevance to Eve, and I have found that – over the years – MMOG’s have completely eclipsed my interest in other gaming genres.

Sand Giants Always Dropped Gold!

Before playing Everquest, I had also played a number of 2-d online RPGs such as The Realm (pictured below) and a handful of MUDs that never held my interest (primarily because I was rather young at the time). Though I would probably have loved it, I missed the boat on Ultima Online completely.

A Random Screenshot I Found Online

Although badly developed, the game that I found most fascinating (before finding Eve) was Anarchy Online, a game that imported the now-standard fantasy MMORPG user interface of Everquest into a dystopian, futuristic landscape featuring  territorial PvP, mining towers and player-constructed cities.

AO's "Omni Corp" Reminds Me of the Caldari State

NPCs Guard A Frontier Outpost

If this sounds anything like Eve Online, that’s because in many ways it was similar. Certainly the gameplay itself was very different, but I have met several Eve Online players who say that “AO” was everything they wish Ambulation in Eve Online could (but won’t) be. I happen to share that view.

I must confess that I have also spent many hours of my life playing World of Warcraft, where I regularly raided and played on PvP Arena teams with my mage and priest as part of a “we have no life” style gaming  guild. I was even the “Guild Master” for a couple years, a job that drained the fun out of every day I played as it increasingly resembled a job in the Human Resources department of a small business.

The Joy of Farming for Potions

My WoW account is currently inactive and I have no desire to re-activate it, despite the fact that many of my real-life friends still play.

What initially attracted me to Eve Online was a non-fiction fan-written story detailing one of the Guiding Hand Social Club’s greatest heists. The idea that such a in-depth level of player-to-player interaction could exist in an MMO was extremely attractive to me.

I then encountered Stahlregen’s amazing videos and that was another major factor in convincing me to download the game and setup a trial account. It is pretty ironic that a Goon was heavily involved in drawing me into the game, yet I have been involved in warfare against “The Coalition” since October 2008 when my corp joined an alliance that was part of the “Greater BoB Community.”

What online games do I have an interest exploring down the road? Currently, I do not see anything on the market that appeals to me. However, I will look with great interest at the “next-gen MMO” Blizzard has planned for several years down the road. Available information suggests that this game will not be based in one of their existing worlds (so no World of Starcraft or Diablo will be coming out).

While I love the fact that Eve has evolved over time instead of merely “replacing” itself with a sequel, I do feel that there are deep problems with the game. Aside from lag, my largest complaint is that I cannot “mod” my user interface. Even aesthetic changes are prohibited, to say nothing of the hundreds of useful ways that in-game information could be better organized.

In my experience as an avid MMO gamer,  every online game that has embraced modding has benefitted enormously from it, and I have yet to find one example of a game where these mods caused major issues for the developers.

WoW Offers A Highly-Customizable UI

Because of my tremendous support for an improved user interface, I would encourage everyone to vote in the upcoming CSM election for my corporation CEO, Avicenna Sarfaraz, whose platform includes a strong focus on the game’s dated and rather clumsy user-interface.


3 Responses to “My Online Gaming Past”

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  2. You’ve really done your WoW interface without addons ?

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    enough in order that they can return playing for
    another day and not be afflicted by dullness.

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