My Thanks To Soho

If there is one non-IT FC who has really been invaluable in the northern campaign thus-far it has been Soho Torres. Aside from running fun, morale-boosting  roaming ops during the sometimes-depressing U.S. Timezone, Soho has lead a large number of tower-bashing and tower-saving gangs.

Soho Torres - Character Portrait

One such fleet visited 2D-0SO on Mar 3rd at around 00:50 (Eve Time). We were in tanked, mid-range battleships and the NC knew we were coming to kill a tower coming out of reinforcement.

The 2D-0SO System in Pure Blind

As we jumped in, the NC fleet warped directly to us at a variety of ranges. We were ordered to align out of the bubble at full speed and primaries were called A-Z. We had great success in taking down the hostiles and eventually held the field quite convincingly with all remaining hostiles warping off.

Our light support were left to loot the field while we moved our battleships into a spot on the hostile tower. After bashing it into low armor, the NC got active and started bombing us. We also got word of Goon carriers on the way.

Despite some light skirmishing on the POS, we eventually had it down to around 10% structure when the NC & Goon capitals jumped into system. Fortunately for us, our fast-thinking FC had a bubble laid in line with their cyno before they entered warp, and the carriers warped into a intercept-bubble, out of range of the POS. Their carriers were helpless to prevent us from dealing the final strikes needed to destroy the large POS before their very eyes.

Unfortunately, with the NC numbers growing and hostile caps active on the field, we couldn’t anchor a replacement tower. We were forced to warp off to a safe, where we stopped to kill the fighters in pursuit of our gang before meeting our allies on the out-gate.

Things took a turn for the worse when a mis-communication between our FC and a friendly gang lead to one group engaging while the other fled. Considering what we encountered, I think that we made out well in the kill-death-ratio (taking all the fights in the system together).

It’s worth noting that this was the second fleet in a 24 hour period where well-tanked BS with medium range clearly out-performed lightly-tanked snipers. I hope to see all of my alliance-mates buying, rigging and properly-fitting more RR BS in the future. I view 200km+ snipers as having a more limited role in the current war, and unfortunately we still have many pilots simply bringing their sniper BS to RR BS fleets.

I had an absolutely amazing time on this OP, and I will never forget watching that tower explode as an NC carrier blob struggled to slow-boat it out of bubbles and activate their capital logistics modules to no avail.

Good show Soho.


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