90 Minutes To Play

Today has been a busy day and – with plans for the afternoon and late evening – I had only 90 minutes to play.

I logged into X-7 shortly after 03:00 to discover that Soho Torres, whom I recently posted about, was leading one of his now familiar Dramiel / Inty / Recon gangs.

I hopped into a Taranis and burned after the gang. On voice comms I listened as a Chimera was reported on scan. Killing capitals in frigs has become a surprisingly frequent occurance, but more often than not they evade tackle by staying aligned out of their belt/anomaly/plex and warping when hostiles enter system. Fortunately for us, tonight’s most notable victim was not quite so prudent. Mistake number one: not getting safe with a hostile in system.

For at least a full minute (which is a long time to wait before getting safe) our scout searched for the carrier before eventually finding him in an anomaly.

After landing, our scout got a point and the gang jumped into system. The Chimera had a neutralizer and was able to empty the capacitor of our tackler temporarily. However,  with a long cycle time, he could not prevent the scout from quickly re-activating his point.

Had the carrier been full-speed aligned, he would almost certainly have escaped by spamming “warp” while neutralizing the tackler. Mistake number two: not spamming his warp button while neutralizing the tackler’s cap.

As the gang arrived, his chances of escape fell to nil, but there was still the matter of actually killing the over-sized ratting machine. With only a couple squads of interceptors for dps, his shields  dropped slowly, but he was steadily losing ground.

Fortunately for us, the carrier never launched light drones, even though there were many t2 lights in his drone bay. He chased our interceptors with fighters and hammerheads, neither of which are ideal anti-frigate drones. Mistake number three: not launching light drones (or ecm drones against the initial tackler for that matter).

We called for reinforcements and a nearby Aeternus gang (also in small ships) came to help out. We had a few assorted late-comers burn from x-7 but, with the exception of a few cruisers, we killed the (TNT alliance) ratting carrier with a small frigate gang.

Finally, to top-off an already excellent engagement, the pilot launched and boarded a Curse he had been storing within his hangar! We killed the curse in a matter of seconds. Mistake number four: using a cruiser-sized ship as your “escape pod” of choice.


2 Responses to “90 Minutes To Play”

  1. […] the Taranis. Though I flew these far more commonly in the past, I still occasionally get into an enjoyable fight with what I consider to be the king of all combat […]

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