My Call To Arms :: The Seige of H-W Has Begun!

Last night I issued the following order to the corp:

From: Easley Thames
Sent: 2010.05.09 10:09
To: The Maverick Navy,


A high-stakes offensive aimed at the heart of the NC has begun.

This operation, if successful, will change the game dramatically. I ask all of you to give us your best and try to stay active.

Those of you who were with us in ATLAS know what it means to fight around the clock – sometimes living in a POS for DAYS while in hostile space.

The siege of H-W9TY has begun. Let there be no doubt that this is the single most important fight yet in this campaign. If ever you are needed, it is now.

No more hesitation, no more small steps and no more boredom.

I will also say this… the chief architect of this plan was a member of our own corporation. Our pride demands that we make this work. Some have claimed -MVN- needs to step up and provide IT with strong leadership, and our time is now.

It is time to change the course of Eve history.

I admit this was a little bit of a cliche CTA post. I didn’t spend much time on it, but everything I said was true. From now on, there will be no holding back.

Since then, the Southern Allies have been active on a level not seen before in this campaign.

First, “place holder” towers (see related kills) in H-W were killed and replaced with at least 1 tower for each invading alliance (to provide safety without sharing passwords). We massed capital and super-capital ships along with a sizable conventional fleet.

Second, the station was “caged” and camped. Many NC pilots died while un-docking or warping to station (where they were caught on the many anchored bubbles). Our fleet took an occasional loss to a bomb run but – being outside the bubbles – successful bomb runs were kept to a minimum.

Third, the gates were covered and watched carefully. I personally podded a large number of NC pilots attempting to fleet the system after losing their ship. For several hours, a group of 200-250 NC sat next door in MSHD-4. However, presumably aware of our fleet strength, their FC never ordered them to jump in large numbers. We killed the odd recon and T2 frigate that jumped in solo as they appeared.

Fourth, we incapacitated key station services, adding further discomfort to the many trapped pilots.

Fifth, after the timers were up, we put the I-Hub and Station into reinforced mode. H-W is on its way to a complete purge. Perhaps more more importantly, our presence here allowed 2 other Southern Alliance fleets to roam largely unchallenged across the North and create a huge mess for the NC to clean up. Being forced to choose between saving multiple systems at the same time (due to similar reinforcement timers on towers and i-hubs) sets up a nice  scenario for our side.

To this moment, the camp is still unbroken. There may eventually be a successful breakout, but I think that the most important observation is that the Southern Alliances have started to play more seriously and coordination has drastically improved. I think that, regardless of your side in this war, everyone appreciates someone willing to “bring it” on hostile turf.

Several fights have already occurred and it will only get more brutal as time goes on. I will post again shortly with more details regarding this new offensive.

You can also check out PK’s blog, Aggressive Tendencies, for an additional perspectives. PK was one of the architects of this plan and, to be honest, we were both  surprised when Molle and the other alliance leaders suddenly decided  to put it the plan into action!


9 Responses to “My Call To Arms :: The Seige of H-W Has Begun!”

  1. Apparently while we were working today big fight went down as SC regained control of the system. Initial reports are hinting at a SC victory sofar as capitals were concerned, approx 60 enemy killed to 10 friendlies lost. KBs are still catching up, so we’ll see.

    • Before this invasion, the NC was dominant for roughly 8 hours of the day on average. Yesterday we were getting victories and at least keeping them tied up for almost their entire strong timezone.

      In regards to the cap fight, it looked like a clear Southern Alliance victory from all available reports and killboards.

  2. As I said on PK’s blog, I’m glad to see you guys strappin it on and stickin it deep in the NC’s…heart. Bet you’ll get an epic fight or two out of this. And it must feel weird for the old Bobbits to be raep-caging the NC after the infamous PR- camp. Surprised you guys didn’t try for this angle sooner. GL to the SC and hope the lag gods are kind.

    • Many of us saw long ago that the North must be approached very differently than the way we retook Fountain.

      Back when we had no space that could be attacked it made sense to choke off the moon-goo supply before making gradual, measured progress into sovereignty.

      When attacking the NC, we need to keep high participation from our allies or we’re doomed to be hopelessly out-manned. Slowly taking moons and sitting on our thumbs during bad timezones doesn’t inspire people.

      I am very heartened to see a change in policy and – win or lose – we’re having much more fun now than before.

  3. Nitor1013z Says:

    Coming live from h-w!

    Sbus are dead, atlas Titan dead, nc in control of system! BFF!

    Nice try and thanks for the action, was fun while it lasted.

    • With the exception of the titan kill, none of those results were unexpected.

      If Atlas decided to go home because if it that will be significant, but the only other targets they have to shoot at are the French invaders who keep picking on their renters, and that fight would be over before it began.

      From my original post:

      “There may eventually be a successful breakout, but I think that the most important observation is that the Southern Alliances have started to play more seriously and coordination has drastically improved.”

      What is note-worthy is that the Southern Alliances involved with the current war have reduced NC timezone control.

      You only need a small window of control each day to successfully defend space, so a high-priority system like H-W will usually get saved in the end, but if our Euro team can hit enough systems there will be forced choices about what to safe at some point.

      I also think that it might be a bit premature to assume everyone is going home.

      • Nitor1013z Says:

        When I said that it was fun while it lasted, I was merely stating the fact the the NC (BBF <3) had reclaimed H-W, but we also lost 5 systems in Pure Blind. I would most certainly hope that you are not going home yet, I hate having to travel far for fights.

        Oh, and one more thing, the Atlas renters are tons of fun to pick on. If and when this fight is over, it may be worth your time to head over there and check it out for yourself.

        It also may be worth noting that PK's emo rage about lag is totally valid and that fixing lag should be CCP's number one priority, not the new PI expansion.

  4. Nitor, I’m sure those renters make good targets. It’s a pain to fly from Delve, but I occasionally go as far as Curse, which is adjacent.

    If the war ended tomorrow, assuming we didn’t have to defend against a large coalition invasion in our own space, I would definitely park myself in GW or Curse for a couple weeks and cause some trouble.

    As for lag, I think the best thing CCP could do is provide objectives that can be met with less than 50 pilots in a short period of time. Even an SBU has so much hp for a small gang to handle before getting blobbed.

    They need to create a system where it’s the norm for 10 small battles occur at the same time in different locations, not 1 huge battle on 1 grid. One method to force this would be a requirement for simultaneous fighting to make *something important* vulnerable.

  5. […] we finally made a serious move in H-W, the plan drawn-up by Manny and Perseus was implemented wrong by Molle, who inexplicably started […]

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