Alliance Tournament 8 – Round 1 Pairings (Pick The Winners!)

Hey everyone, if you missed the news, the pairings were announced for AT8. The official coverage will not be live until later in the tournament, but the fighting kicks off on Saturday, June 5th.

I will pick some winners and, after the matches occur, I’ll compare my predictions to what actually happened.

I encourage everyone to comment with their own predictions and I’ll post the top 3 most accurate posters, similar to a “final four” pick contest. If I can afford it, there may be a prize for the most accurate posters, but only if I get a significant number of posts.

TIME | Alliance     1    |    Alliance     2        |                        Easley’s Pick
15:00 Against ALL Authorities v Perihelion Alliance AAA
15:20 Agony Empire v HYDRA RELOADED Hydra
15:40 Arbeitaholics Anonymous v Get Off My Lawn LAWN
16:00 Atlas Alliance v Intrepid Crossing Atlas
16:20 B A N E v Unaffiliated B A N E
16:40 Beyond Virginity v Majesta Empire Beyond Virginity
17:00 BricK sQuAD. v Panda Team Panda
17:20 Circle-Of-Two v Indecisive Certainty Co2
18:20 Cry Havoc. v Plutonix Cry Havoc
18:40 Curatores Veritatis Alliance v DarkSide. Darkside
19:00 Dead Terrorists v Pandemic Legion PL
19:20 death from above.. v Noir. Mercenary Group Noir
19:40 Dystopia Alliance v Morsus Mihi MM
20:00 Electric Monkey Overlords v Leguinea Romana LR
20:20 Electus Matari v Veni Vidi Vici VVV
20:40 Erebus Alliance v RED.OVERLORD ROL
Sunday 6th June
15:00 Eve Engineering v GoonSwarm Goons
15:20 Honourable Templum of Alcedonia v WE FORM VOLTRON Voltron
15:40 HUN Reloaded v The Tusker Bastards HUN
16:00 Huzzah Federation v THE R0NIN Ronin
16:20 Important Internet Spaceship League v Monks of War. Monks
16:40 Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate v The Wrong Alliance ERROR
17:00 Ivy League v SOLAR FLEET Solar
17:20 Manifest Destiny. v RAZOR Alliance Razor
18:20 Mos Vape Heavy Industries v Paisti Syndicate Paisti
18:40 Negative Ten. v Soldiers of Thunderstorm -10
19:00 Old Intentions v Ushra’Khan UK
19:20 OWN Alliance v The G0dfathers Godfathers
19:40 Pitch Black Legion v The Kadeshi The Kadeshi
20:00 Rote Kapelle v Silver Twilight Enterprises Rote Kapelle
20:20 Snatch Victory v THE SPACE P0LICE Snatch Victory
20:40 T o r m e n t u m v The Star Fraction Star Fraction

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