Longing for Low-Sec :: 1 Hour of Yarr

To handle some personal logistics, I had to make a trip to empire on my main.

I simply couldn’t resist stopping in Yong, the system where my solo piracy was so successful it eventually became the corporation’s blueprint for casual pvp ops (between 0.0 deployments).

I started by undocking in a well-tanked Myrmidon, and I was pleased to see an Iteron V follow behind me. I popped the hauler before it could re-dock, but the loot was a disappointment.

I docked up to wait off GCC before scouting nearby systems. Next door in Gemodi I played a game of chicken with two Stimulus  pilots in drakes. If they had GCC’d my Myrmidon it would have been a thrilling 2v1, but they didn’t want to tank sentry guns apparently. Not being an outlaw still feels strange to me.

I had to travel out of low-sec for a while but I was able to sort my business in short order. Upon my return to the Yong system, I noticed two cruisers on scan, an omen and rupture. Both were named after their pilots (typically a sign of ineptitude) and this allowed me to discern their corporation from local info. After re-shipping out of a travel-friendly shuttle, I narrowed them down to a belt and warped in with a plated hurricane.

Even though both ships were on scan at 5 degrees towards the belt, only the rupture was on-grid when I landed. Coming out of warp only 5km from him, I was able to scramble and web the cruiser before activating my weapons and deploying drones. My target locked me back almost immediately and returned fire. I was also pointed.

When the Omen joined the fight, the rupture was 50% into armor and dieing fast enough that I was certain I would prevail with ease. My concern in situations like this is that other pilots will come to the aid of my targets, not that I will actually lose to the ships I’ve decided to engage.

Knowing there were two targets, I had fit my cane with lots of tackle, I put my disruptor on the Omen while keeping my scram and web on the Rupture.  When the rupture died, I switched my close-range tackle and weapons to the omen, which died shortly after.

After waiting off my GCC, I ran a few other errands in high-sec and logged off. If I had more time, I would have continued the killing spree, but I have some exciting plans tomorrow and I wanted to have at least a fair amount of sleep.

Reflecting on these events: I had a fair bit of fun in only one hour (roughly). In my experience, solo pvp is not as hard to seek out as some make it out to be. The key is visiting regions where people actually live or travel through. Deep 0.0 ratting space full of macro-ravens does not make for great solo hunting (unless your name is Monkeysphere).

With their home taken away, many of the former providence residents are living in low-sec and there were many great targets around.

I actually tackled a BS in a belt, but he was stabbed. After watching him warp off casually – despite being pointed – I got to experience the joy of waiting out my GCC before doing anything else.

I think the one area where CCP could improve low-sec for the outlaws would be to lower our GCCs to 5 or 10 minutes. Your GCC constantly resets as long as you are aggressing someone, so the only real difference with a 15-minute timer is that it makes you bounce safe-spots longer after a fight (even if your target gets away).

I will be cloning up North shortly, but my quick visit to low-sec reminded me just how much I’ve missed solo hunting away from the blob wars. If I can find the time, I will definitely try to visit my favorite low-sec (and NPC 0.0) hunting spots again very soon.


One Response to “Longing for Low-Sec :: 1 Hour of Yarr”

  1. I was pissed last night man. Can’t believe you hit Yong up without letting me know.

    I will be stopping there sometime this week for a little fun. I’m thinking of suiciding some Makinaws too.. my sec stat is like 3.5-damn embarassing.

    I’ll let you know.


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