Battle Clinic :: The Rankings Shake-Up

For many in Eve, Battle Clinic is the most authoritative source when comparing rankings between players. While BC has its flaws, I feel strongly that their formula has always rewarded the right kinds of behavior.

For example, blobbing is discouraged through the devaluation of kills by large numbers of pilots. Solo kills are the most valuable, as they should be.

Recently the BC team made changes aimed at further perfecting the formula. This time, suicide ganking was to be penalized. As a form of PvP where the risk can be perfectly calculated, I agree with their position that there should be a lower reward for these kills that come from sitting ducks in empire.

However, due to a mistake that caused a large number of mails to be mistakenly excluded from the rankings calculation process, many pilots who have never used suicide ganking (or have only done so with extreme rarity) awoke to find themselves many thousand ranks lower than the night before.

Here is how the change affected my own ranking. Due to inactivity, my own ranking had gradually dropped before leveling off in the  high1900’s. While far from my peak position, it’s at least respectable to be in the top 2000.

However, when the updates went life, I found myself down another 6000+ spots over night (as illustrated below).

Here is one of the official responses from Battle Clinic on the rankings shake-up:

Suicide ganking was one of the activities we decided to change inside the points calculations. On the surface, it seemed like a fine idea to drastically cut the points awarded for this activity. I’ll spare you the details: when we put that particular change together with a few other changes…

…we made an oopsie. A few thousand kills (out of tens of thousands of kills we get every month) caused data confusion.

MrCue wrote to the moderator team:
The only fair solution to this issue was to initiate a recalculation for every single entity in the killboard. This takes between a few seconds for someone with only a few kills, to several minutes for someone with a few thousands kills.

The tool is churning away, recalculating every killboard entity. Its going to take several days to process this.

What we expect to happen is that as the killboard churns through the massive pile of data doing the recalculations (10 million killmails!) the rankings for players, corps, and alliances will stabilize by this weekend.


It seems that for now, it’s best to take a “wait and see” approach before getting too upset. I look forward to the updated results and – if all other elements are held constant – I might even move up with the suicide ganking penalties applied to pilots above me.

However, the Battle Clinic operators are not only changing the way suicide ganks work, they mentioned that it was “one of” the areas they were adjusting. Some have suggested that kills where NPCs have any involvement will be devalued, which is going to hit belt-hunting pilots while leaving kills from gate camps or fleet battles unaffected.

Additionally, there seems to be more to the story:

Ok so I mentioned we’re thinking about a re-write of the points. There’s an emphasis here on “thinking about” not “doing” just yet, because that is a huge undertaking. Rest assured, if we did get ambitious enough to do such a thing, we’ll involve you!

Thanks for reading all the way down here. Your support means everything to us.

Fly safe, Fight Smart!


The Battle Clinic team is clearly considering a full revision. My hope is that, if they head down this path, that they uphold their promise to request and consider player input.


4 Responses to “Battle Clinic :: The Rankings Shake-Up”

  1. As an interesting example, I looked up Garmon’s most active character – El’Tar.

    El’Tar was #1 on Battle Clinic before the change (as his forum signature reminds us) and now he’s #153. Ouch.

    I’m interested to see how things pan out this weekend.

  2. I dropped from 12,000 to 19,000

    Fuck this shit.

  3. Today BC has me in the 2100’s now. Much closer to where I started off so they seem to have made progress.

    El’Tar is back up to #50. Still a bit off from his #1 position.

  4. […] Clinic :: Rankings Error Fixed In a previous post, I discussed the turmoil caused by Battle Clinic readjusting its ranking system. While the changes were only intended to seriously impact players who engaged in extensive suicide […]

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