CSM 5 Results :: My Reactions

I predicted both Mynxee and Ankh would win this year and – with mixed feelings – I have been proven correct on both accounts. I also posted on the the IT forum that I thought these two were the front-runners for the chairmanship, which was by no means a bold prediction for anyone following the race, and I seem to have hit the mark again on that point as Mynxee was the overall winner with over 4000 votes.

These two candidates reached out to the most people and had the best “Name ID” as we call it in real-life political elections. In an election where most voters don’t know the candidates well, simply being a known name is the best possible asset. In the case of Ankhesentapemkah, the massive negative out-pour on her forum thread only fueled her notoriety and her campaign spam in Jita helped her corner the market on fellow high-sec hikikomori.

I really dislike Ankhesentapemkah (as a candidate) and I’m glad Mynxee edged her out for chairman. Ankh is a care-bear soloist who – by her own admission – plays eve like a single player game with little care for the dynamic player interactions that (in my opinion) make Eve as special as it is. Her top agenda items all relate to preventing other players from ever impacting her game-play without explicit permissions. She wants outlaws to literally serve jail time, with their characters locked up, and takes a firm stance against the game even allowing you to fire upon other ships in high-sec (presumably with the exclusion of war-decs but I suspect she doesn’t  like that mechanic either).

With 9 lifetime kills (only one of which was generated in 2010) and 141 losses, Ankh lacks the experience to comment on PvP interactions with any authority whatsoever. I suspect the majority of active combat pilots who did actually cast a vote for her were fellow CVA members.

By comparison, Mynxee is someone I can live with on the CSM.  She has experience as a former member of a notorious pirate corporation, a mercenary & sov holder (with Noir Mercenary Group) and I even see some wormhole kills with her name on them. She not only has the experience to work for improvements in low-sec but to the 0.0 combat scene as well. I don’t agree with Mynxee on several issues, but at least we share similar values regarding the overall design of the game and I believe she will work to make the “pew pew” abundant and enjoyable.

Avicenna Sarfaraz, beloved CEO of -MVN- and hero to all followers of his cult-like religious organization “Church of the Golden Jesus Penis” was not among the winners or top 4 alternates. When the final list is released, we will see exactly where he ended up.

Though Avi had supporters from many alliances across New Eden, he made very little effort to campaign for himself. The many sound-boards featuring him, if combined with a special campaign video, would have been excellent content on a campaign website. While he did appear at an alliance panel at fan fest and has many contacts across the cluster, he simply didn’t reach out beyond those he knew.

Avi also needed to clarify his position on issues and create some interest on his candidacy-announcement forum thread, but his entry was only a first attempt and I know we will all work harder next year on his behalf. Maybe next year boss.


One Response to “CSM 5 Results :: My Reactions”

  1. I’m disappointed, but not surprised that Ankh won. Honestly, I’m going to be hard pressed not to follow her around and suicide gank her a few times. The one thing that gives me pause is that doing so would probably help her cause, a cause I am vehemently opposed to. So may a wardec will just have to do. Teach her some PVP, whether she likes it or not.

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