Late Night Delve Patrol

It was getting close to bed time on a work night when four Mavericks (myself included) decided to go for a quick spin around our neighborhood. So, after a quick survey of the ships at our disposal, we left our home constellation in Delve looking for trouble nearby from the many hostiles who have had free-run of the area for quite some time.

We first investigated a reported hostile inbound from Fountain, only to discover the pilot had been docked in a station (no doubt waging market warfare) all along. Having wasted 5 minutes of our lives, we headed back for Delve when a corp-member reported a drake + 1 unidentified ship following his cloaking hauler though a pipeline in our direction.

We intercepted one of the hostiles on the gate to JP4 in 4X0-. He held cloak before appearing on the opposite side from our close-range tackle (a scram/web fit BC) and was able to reach the gate just barely before touching armor. Anticipating this scenario, we had a tackler on the other side waiting.

After the drake broke his cloak, the tackler reported that there was a Loki on scan! The Loki was webbed while we took down the drake, but get managed to get out on a combination of inertia and ec-300 drones. If we had even 1 more pilot with us – perhaps a skilled interceptor pilot – I believe we would have taken the T3 cruiser down. As a consolation prize, the drake died a horrible death, in part due to his questionable fitting. We the turned our attention to locating the Loki.

Low on patience, we gave up on laying a trap for the Loki fairly quickly and decided to continue our roam. With our scout jumping ahead, our gang piled on the out-gate towards our destination. The scout reported a neutral Curse (npc corp) jumping into us. The recon was caught re-approaching and quickly melted.

The pilot uttered a strange comment in local, some thing like “I can’t pass?” before exploding. On further inspection, he was formerly in DICE. I don’t know if he was really a Dice alt or someone who thought his former-IT status would protect him, but without being expressly identified as friendly by an IT member I always adhere to the following rule: standings are king.

With the vast majority of main characters up north (or simply not playing the game) all sorts of hostiles have had their run of the place. Our next few jumps would pit us against hostiles in NPC (blood raider) space.

Upon jumping into an undisclosed system, three PL were reported with a cyno lit on station. We determined a falcon had cyno’d in a Chimera and that a Drake also stood guard. Feeling risk-inclined, and confident that we could get out of dodge if pointed, we warped in on the falcon and attempted to pop it between shield-transfer cycles from the Chimera. We got it to 20% shield, but no further. With the risk growing, we warped out while none of us were tackled. If I had formed a larger fleet, the recon have been a sitting duck.

We then decided to move on to KFIE, one of PL’s staging systems (and probably the most populated one in their prime time). Though we could probably have gotten a fight in KFIE if we stuck around long enough, the large number of docked reds was unnerving. As a rule, I never under-estimate Pandemic Legion. So, after looking for any small groups to engage in the system, we decided to head up towards the nearest low-sec entrance.

On the way up to Aridia, we caught a member of SniggWaffe in a drake. He ejected shortly after being tackled and the partially-fit drake was quickly destroyed. There may have been some tears in local as well.

Around 1-smeb we saw a previously-reported Legion on scan. However, due to good scouting by his (presumed) alt character in a t1 frigate jumping ahead, we had difficulty trapping the T3. We also ran into the Loki pilot again, but he was far more cautious this time around.

Only planning to roam for an hour, and having left our station’s docking port already a bit weary, we headed home and called it a night.

With 3 quick-kills and several other engagements we initiated resulting in zero losses, I found it to be a satisfactory roam for the evening, though I think we all wanted a strategic cruiser kill to top things off.


2 Responses to “Late Night Delve Patrol”

  1. Merdaneth Says:

    Nicely written. Good that you got some action during the roam. I wonder though, where any of you even shot at? I read about gate re-approaches gone bad, ejections, remote shield repping etc.

    • While I don’t like to bring more than is needed (or so much that we deter fights) I definitely never pass up a gank and – the fact is – we might have killed the cyno falcon and loki if I had a couple more pilots with us.

      Considering all the annoying crap these guys pull in our space, I don’t feel much sympathy for them losing ships to a 4-man gang patrolling our home space.

      Finally, having spent a good amount of time in low sec, I don’t find fights there to be any more fair on average. The most popular low-sec systems see tons of hot-drops on gates against small sub-cap gangs. It’s just alot easier to solo in low-sec because there are no bubbles, every station is npc-run and small ships can’t tackle non-outlaws near gates or stations.

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