Fun In Fade :: A Late US TZ OP

It was around 06:00 when a small gang of Doom and IT pilots in long-range HACs and BCs left X-7 to kill an undefended TCU. With only 10 in the initial group, it was going slowly. Luckily, we had a number of enjoyable diversions during this process that ultimately made for a very memorable evening.

First among the distractions from our task was a Loki our scouts had found plexing in DO6H. A prober was called-in, but probes were dropped, the Loki disappeared (presumably logging). However, upon his return, he was located quickly. An interceptor had no trouble tackling him while the TCU-killers (myself included) took our sweet time showing up to the scene. With a perma-running medium shield setup, most of us only had time to fire a single volley before his T3 cruiser became a T3 wreck.

After the T3 kill we returned to wearing down the TCU. Luckily for us, word of our kill had drawn some pilots out from x-7 and – having already joined gang and made the trip – they decided to stay with us. The TCU was in low shield when we got word of a small gang nearby in ROIR.

The second fight involving our gang occurred in ROIR when 3 pilots (out of a 4 man gang) aggressed one of our ships on the C-8 gate. We jumped in our larger gang and made quick work of the cerberus, brutix and harbinger. After looting the field, we returned to our task in E-9 where the NC TCU was slowly coming online.

It wasn’t long before the TCU fell into armor and the general mood among our (now 18-strong gang) was very jovial. A T3 kill and a small-gang slaughter do wonders for morale! However, the fun was not over yet. A 12-man mid-sized gang was reported only 6 jumps away. Our scouts then confirmed that they were moving in our direction.

The third fight was coming right our way (as if enough kill mails hadn’t fallen from the sky in the last few minutes) and everyone was excited. However, we lacked one crucial piece to ensure maximum carnage – a dictor. Vlade, the NC fleet commander, jumped into our gang with a rapier and was able to cloak before making any decisions regarding jumping his forces through.

Without a bubble, we stood little chance of catching the enemy FC. Vlade eventually sent his gang back a jump and positioned them on the gate we would have to come through if we pursued. A cautious move, but one that left open the possibility of a fight.

Our FC did not want to pursue them, so we simply divided our forces. Our dps went back to working on the TCU – with instructions to be ready to warp back to the gate at their respective optimal ranges – while our tackle and scouts remained in their current positions.

When we got word of some blues nearby we went through channels to contact them. However, before we could even coordinate, a Cry Havoc gang had engaged the enemy in a neighboring system. We joined the fray shortly after the fight started and the NC group was caught unprepared.

The NC HACs and BCs died near the gate while the frigate-class ships fled the field. The lone scimitar burned away up to 200km from the gate, but our light tacklers stayed with him until we coudl warp in some mid-size hulls to finish the job.

In exchange for a Sabre, the NC fleet was routed. Regarding the killboard reports for this fight, the NC fleet was much larger than it appears because most of their surviving pilots did not score kill mails on our side of the field, and thus there is no record of their involvement. The only NC ships counted in the C8- scrap were those who died or fired on our Sabre, who was the lone casualty on our side.

Finally, with the NCs small gangs defeated and the plex rats saved from death-by-Loki, we set out to complete our original task. After picking numerous fights – just as we had hoped – The TCU was killed at last.

The same fleet is now roaming, looking for more targets. I have dropped out to get some rest but if anything exciting happens, I’m sure PK will have the details on his blog.


2 Responses to “Fun In Fade :: A Late US TZ OP”

  1. Merdaneth Says:

    Again nicely written!

    The engagement I see are again mostly very one-sided. Do you have the feeling that if you wouldn’t have been there, the outcome would be any different.

    Also, the need to shoot for hours at things like undefended TCU’s is why I avoid living in nullsec.

  2. Shooting the TCU with a small gang was to provoke a fight, not just a strategic objective. We got Vlade to show up with a gang that eventually matched us in size. The FC, URSOKWL, was being cautious (just like Vlade) and neither side jumped into each other.

    Cry Havoc appearing sort of forced the issue.

    As for how it would have turned out, the CH gang was in RRBS so the ships far-off gate would have escaped without us.

    Considering that our side is massively out-numbered in the US TZ we will take victories wherever we can find them.

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