-A- Withdrawal :: The Last Straw?

Following the withdrawal of Atlas and now (seemingly) Against All Authorities from the northern theater, many have asked when this “invasion” will come to an official end.

I placed quotations around the term “invasion” because, for the last couple weeks, the Northern Crusade has devolved into a mere harassment campaign. The NC are not even taking us seriously anymore, as evidenced by their attacks on Cobalt Edge.

Just as it began with Molle, he will have to be the one to turn the page and move IT Alliance into the next chapter of our history. The question is, when? Considering that we have enemies on our own doorstep, we certainly have good reason not to delay, but I do not sense any degree of urgency from Molle and his inner circle.

I can respect sticking with a plan and not running at the first sign of trouble, but I really feel that we’re only still in x-7 because our leaders haven’t decided what to do next and think it best that our pilots still have targets to shoot while they figure it out.

My working assumption is that we will be involved in the North for a while still. However, I think most combat pilots both sides (apart from the uninformed or irrational) agree that remaining the Southern Alliances lack a winning strategy and the necessary forces to accomplish Molle’s stated goals.

However, with change comes opportunity. The NC have continued to relax their guard and many alliances who have had to whip their member-base to produce a mere 20 or 30 pilots for combined NC ops will likely return to their previously scheduled regiment of Farm Ville in space. We have had several small successes of late, including a super-carrier kill, but I cannot help but feel that we are tilting at windmills.

So then, what exactly happens when IT / ROL / Init stop basing in x-7? Our eventual withdrawal will bring about a new round of warfare, that much is certain. Null sec never stays peaceful for long. While no one can be exactly certain how it will all play out, there are a few popular theories as to what might happen first:

1) The NC Pushes East:  Many think the NC will make serious pushes in Drone regions, which would create an immense conflict with Solar/XiX/RA/IRC. The NC has made attempts in the past, but this has never been a productive area for them.  If they fight in Geminate before moving further, Alliances like Atlas and -A- might also stand in the way of a group whose record on the road doesn’t exactly mirror their success in wars fought at home.

2) Coalition Pushes On IT Space: The NC (now including Goons) could join once again with PL  and others (including Dreddit’s alliance who have already grabbed some sov) to start another invasion in Delve. After the Max campaign, that’s exactly what happened, and history has a way of repeating itself when it comes to Delve. This would certainly be welcomed by our side, both as a chance to “give them a taste of Dominion from the other side” and to consolidate our own forces while keeping the same opponents we have now on a single front (instead of fighting with alts in two hemispheres).

3) NC Assaults Cloud Ring: The Goons are crashing on TCF’s couch, but they need a real home eventually. I think they’ve certainly become a much smaller player in the scheme of things, but they’re certainly worth giving a region to somewhere in the north. Some goons have said they would rather just live in curse, but the truth is they’ve grown far beyond the level of living in NPC space. The alliance is home to just as many serious-business industrialists and combat pilots who want to see their logo floating on territorial claim markets as any other major 0.0 entity.

In all three scenarios, the NC theoretically attempts to capitalize on its high morale with a quick offensive campaign. I think that, depending on the target area, the NC could face a test greater than the invasion of their space. Regardless of what happens next, it will certainly be interesting.


6 Responses to “-A- Withdrawal :: The Last Straw?”

  1. The Dead Pixel Says:

    The SC, even minus -A- and Atlas could still win the war. The problem I am seeing is that the carebears are slowly sapping our strength. Back home, corporations are focussing too heavily on indy bullshit. I say this because they aren’t providing ships to the front lines, they aren’t providing ships back home (the only abaddon on sale in delve is being sold by PL) they aren’t visibly providing anything other than cheap ganks for PL.

    For SC to win the war, we need to cut loose all the dead weight quickly growing in our alliances and re-commit fully to the front line, everyone who isn’t up to it should go. We have the best pilots in the game, and for the first weeks of the campaign, IT went toe-to-toe with pretty much the entire NC and was coming out on top until the momentum dropped when the rest of the SC joined us. Opps in the north have degenerated into roaming gangs across all timezones and this is not sufficient to win the war without some serious meta-gaming.

    • I think that people are not showing up because there is not a clear plan in place for victory. We have only 1-front opened on the enemy and there is no one to start a credible second invasion with -A- and Atlas at home.

      Furthermore, we find ourselves split between home defense and our invasion. PL alone forced us to send alts and an entire corp back to Delve along with the fountain-based alliances. If we abandoned Delve to stage everyone in, X-7 we’d see lots of friendly CSAA’s and towers die for sure.

      I’m also not convinced that IT / INIT / ROL alone can win against the NC in the US timezone when the chips are down. That’s the time when H-W and every other major offensive was ended.

      I do STRONGLY agree with your point about losing dead weight though. We’ve seen a decline in pilot quality and activity levels in -MVN- as we’ve grown from 150 to 250 and now 350.

      I think being in IT and being part of a big war that people hear about causes you to suck in lots of pilots who are looking for you to serve up pew pew on a big plate. When things go slowly or not well (as they have up North) these drifters just go inactive.

  2. Nitor1013z Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice for the NC to invade Geminate and teh Dronelands…But, then again, where would I go for easy targets?

    Either way, if the NC as a whole decides to move anywhere, there are serious walls in the way of victory. If they go to Cloud Ring, they face Ev0ke, who is no slouch and have proved themselves many times. However, if they move east, then we throw ourselves up against (possibly) the single largest cap fleet in eve (xXDeathXx and company have used their drone poop well)

    Either way, being a carebear is getting boring for us Vale residents. It hasn’t really even been 2 weeks :S

    • Well, when we leave the north, you could talk to the “high council” or whatever they’re called and suggest switching the NC from a permanent NAP to a conditional NIP.

      A NIP is a non-invasion-policy. You would be neutral to each other, but only engage in casual PvP, no infrastructure assaults. Additionally, everyone would regroup (with standings) if threatened by an external force.

      Somehow I don’t imagine the average NC pilot favorite that choice, so if you want fights like we had in Tribute you’re gonna have to go start a fight with someone. At least that’s how I see it.

      • Nitor1013z Says:

        I definitely agree with you, we will have to go somewhere for fights. Thus far though i’m not seeing any decisions, at least on the Vale front, to invade anywhere. That makes me sad.

        Anyways, the Russians better watch their backs, because i’m headed to see them.

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