I Miss Eve TV

When I was new to the world of New Eden, the one thing that really drew me into Eve Online was the unmatched community. If anything has kept me here, it has been the myriad stories of true player-to-player interaction spanning the realms of politics, cultural interaction, role-play, trade and warfare.

Watching episodes of Eve TV helped me to better understand the world I was playing in and – better yet – I could put a face to some of the names I had read about. Though it would be years before I really had a comfortable grasp on something approximating a history of 0.0 warfare, Eve TV truly cultivated my interest in PvP.

When I learned that Eve TV was going to be shut-down, I was heart broken. If only more people had paid for the episodes, perhaps they could have kept going longer. The free Alliance Tournament coverage is great fun, but nothing can match the weekly shows covering in-game events and interviewing special guests.

I really wonder, is it completely out of the question for the show to return in a monthly fashion at some point? Only CCP knows for sure, but there is certainly zero indication of that ever happening, despite numerous petitions back in 2007 and 2008.

For those who never had the pleasure (or perhaps for those looking to reminisce) you can watch most of the original Eve TV episodes here.


One Response to “I Miss Eve TV”

  1. Me too man, me too…

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