AAA :: Now Against More Authorities

I was not at all surprised when -A- recently withdrew from the north. Atlas and -A- have a partnership that, while younger, mirrors the closeness of Razor and Morsus Mihi.

Many overlook the fact that Havoc, whose CEO is now the alliance leader of AAA, was formerly an Atlas corporation. Furthermore, these two groups have proven that they work extremely well together, even in large scale fleet battles. When Atlas went home, it was a foregone conclusion in my mind that -A- would be next to withdraw.

These two alliances coordinated to re-establish Atlas in Omist and worked together as full partners against XxDeathxX, Goons, PL, Razor and many others in the record-breaking tower purge that spanned the entire south-east quadrant of 0.0 space. Atlas (including -MVN- at the time) was always the one to do the majority of the pos-removal while -A- remained ready to drop-in capitals at a moment’s notice if an Atlas fleets was hot-dropped.

No one should have been surprised in the least when Atlas reset IT. We had only been blue for the northern war, which Bobby was reluctant to even participate in. Ever since -MVN- joined IT, Bobby has carried a grudge against Molle (primarily because Bobby claims Molle lied about attempting to recruit former-GBC Atlas corps like Beach Boys and -MVN-). What no one knew for sure was how standings would be handled by AAA, who have a somewhat better relationship with us than Atlas.

Today, Manfred Sideous, the successor to Evil Thug (in rank but not spirit) announced a standings reset that includes IT Alliance. Their remaining blues are:

Red Overlord
Stain Empire
Ushra Khan

I think that this development will lead to more small gangs and provide roaming targets across the southwest. While some in IT Alliance see this as some kind of betrayal, I consider the primary motivation for playing Eve to be fun. As soon as IT returns home, PL will have to scale-back its operations (barring the full support of the NC or others) and we will need someone to shoot at locally. I look forward to having more targets and I find it unfortunate that so many in my alliance are indifferent to “unimportant” operations like roaming gangs.

Some in the north have been quick to insist that -A-/Atlas and IT might cooperate again for mutual self-defense if the NC attacked, and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable assumption, but isn’t it better that we actually reset each other in the mean time than not at all? The only real enemy we have that has shown it doesn’t give a shit about standings is PL. With the exception of BoB/IT whom they have despised for years (see: Kugutsumen / T20 incident) the legion will work with just about anyone to get super cap kills.


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