Fun In Empire :: I Ain’t Afraid of No Dec’

I was moving some assets across high-sec when I noticed a war-target was following me in a Vagabond. The pursuit continued for several jumps, but being in a more agile ship, I had nothing to fear. When I made it to one of my stock-pile systems, I quickly re-shipped to a hurricane and warped to the gate my pursuer would enter from.

Meeting the Vaga on-gate just after he de-cloaked, I landed a web but couldn’t get the scram on him before he burnt out of the over-heated range of my x5 web. He picked away at me from range, forcing me to de-aggress and jump into the next system.

I decided to refit for a dual-web setup and jumped back to into him. He was sitting within over-heated web range, so I quickly de-cloaked and rapidly executed the following steps: I activated my mwd, started locking the target, over-heated my webs and initiated an approach on the hostile ship.

When I landed the dual-web,  a smile crossed my face. I soon applied my scram and with the Vagabond shooting-back at me from well out of jump-range, I knew that his destruction was assured.

The pilot was from the ex-Privateer corp Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers. I remember a few of these guys from when they briefly joined IAC. The 0.0 play-style didn’t fit them and they were supposedly recruited under the understanding that they could focus on war-decs, which was not going to work well when the alliance wasn’t willing to war-dec anyone outside of UNL and AAA.

As it turns out, Perseus had also killed the same pilot, earlier in the day. I have never felt war-decs were an inconvenience, they’re simply an opportunity for more pew pew. Usually, pilots from dec’ corps are highly aggressive and not prepared for a well-piloted, hard-counter setup to jump through a gate on top of them. They expect to gank unsuspecting pilots that haven’t noticed they are at war and those who are not cautious enough to travel safely.

Anyway, after handling personal logistics, I headed down to low-sec. This time I had a small gang in tow and I was looking for a real fight. My ship was another plated hurricane fit with plenty of tackle, and following me were 2 pilots in RR BS and a drake whose scorpion got misplaced somehow.

I first engaged an Ishtar in Ami who had suspiciously warped to 50km off the Fensi gate (while -10). I made it into disruptor range when he took off like a rocket, traveling at 3000 m/s. “What the fuck,” I said on over voice comms, “That speed is close to a t2 overdrive-fit, poly-carb-rigged nano-Ishtar back in the days of mass-reduction and non-stack-penalized speed bonuses.”

It suffices to say that he was able to kite me, but I eventually managed to warp off after focusing my fire on his sentry drones (which were his only dps). I am guessing that he had snakes and a low-rack with 3+ over-drives, but I was still shocked to see that speed on a post-nano-nerf Ishtar. Due to our heavy composition, we were not able to get close-range tackle on the bastard, though we were able to force it off-field without difficulty.

We had another fruitless (although entertaining) engagement in the same system when I aggressed a bait battlecruiser on a station. As the Myrmidon hit 50% armor, a carrier un-docked. I think we could have killed the bC easily if I had my gang aggress him at that point, before the carrier locked him, but I played it safe and burned away while the gang warped.

While we might have gotten a BC kill, the carrier was followed by several other ships and would have likely taken considerable losses ourselves. Sometimes it’s best just to bring your pilots back alive, even if things end up slightly less exciting.

Finally, only intending to roam for a while while, we then turned around and headed back towards our staging system. On the way back I scanned-down and killed a mining Vexor (who popped before I even noticed he had entered armor) and I killed a cyn0-frigate for the lulz.

No losses for the day and 3 solo kills (one of which took actual effort). While not the most epic evening, we really did have a good time, and that’s what counts the most.


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