3-Peat Number Two :: PL Wins AT 8

Pandemic Legion won this weekend, a feat that should come as no great shock to anyone following the tournament teams. While their victory was far from assured, few teams are on PL’s level when it comes to tournament prep, which includes: theory-crafting, practice matches, meta-game intelligence gathering and good piloting.

This makes PL’s third win in a row, matching BoB’s record from the days when TWD was around. What I found surprising was how many people seemed unaware of the history of the tournament. To me, the Star Fraction v. BoB match was one of the most exciting matches of all time, but newer players might be totally oblivious. For many U.S. players, the last 3-peat they saw was in the Shaq & Kobe era (or possibly the USC title which was recently stripped).

The final match shaped up to be a really great throw-down. If anyone could beat PL, I believed fully that 2 of the 4 semi-finalists could do it (Darkside and Hydra). Both of these alliances are used to small-scale fighting where, unlike most combat between large 0.0 entities, your individual piloting choices have a huge impact on the outcome.

Hydra is made of of pilots whose individual feats are on-par with anyone in PL, especially considering Gobby (one of the game’s most innovative fleet commanders) is now with them. What PL brings to the tournament (and Eve warfare in general) is a level of seriousness about victory. Hydra will self-destruct ships, bring the same setup repeatedly and rely more on educated guesses to determine what they will face.

PL does not take such a casual approach. From what I have seen, PL practice as much or more than any other team. Moreover, while others will setup random people from the alliance to play with them on the test server, PL can draw from a deeper pool of competent tournament-level pilots who will simulate real match conditions.

Finally, while it is not always a factor, it’s also worth mentioning that PL’s intelligence gathering/meta-gaming is second to none. Last year, PL forum posts indicate that they knew exactly what their opponents were undocking (before transport to Polaris) for each and every match. That level of preparation ensures you not only bring a good setup, but it also prevents fittings mistakes (such as improper racial ECM or fitting TDs against a missile-spam team).

I think that PL deserved this win and the reality is that everything they did (practicing with various setups, bringing quality pilots and monitoring the opposition) can be replicated by anyone motivated to compete on their level. Hydra came close this time, bringing a setup that could have been dangerous for PL, and I would be lying if I said they did not also approach the tournament seriously. All I am suggesting is that, for the moment, Pandemic Legion appears to be on a totally different level than everyone else in-game.

Then again, wasn’t that what everyone thought about BoB’s team in 2007?


One Response to “3-Peat Number Two :: PL Wins AT 8”

  1. You’re a horrible person for not being on all weekend. I hate you.

    But you’re still my bestest buddy and you should come back since we are running around in your favorite playground.

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