First Night Back :: A Roam and More

I’ve been inactive most of June and July due to real life constraints on my time, but starting now I should be flying regularly again. It goes without saying that this means I’ll have blog-worthy material once again.

Tonight, after logging in, I got caught up with various pilots from are all over the map (both politically and geographically).  Seeing boxes pop up with convo-requests from old friends is always a good feeling.

Among those who greeted me were my fellow corp-mates.  Perseus and other officers wanted me to take out a roam, and so we did. After adding some new bookmarks to my collection (the Delve jump bridge network has really improved in a noticeable way since I was last active) we made best speed for Catch.

On the way over, we missed a couple ratting AAA Citizens, but we did score a high-value  -A- Tengu kill on a Burn Eden pilot. He was carrying some excellent loot including T2 salvage, dead-space modules, faction ammo and many skill books. The Caldari Navy launchers alone were a very nice drop. The Tengu pilot didn’t take anyone down with him, but he did leave us with a message of defiance by re-naming his ship something colorful before it exploded!

With the recent addition of Burn Eden and Outbreak, -A- has strengthened its already active base of small-gang roamers and it was surprising for us to see the Tengu pilot caught so simply (without a bubble or bait). However, with a dual-web rapier and his very slow reaction time, we managed to prevent him from getting back to the gate.

It was observed that he may have even been afk, since he took so long to begin moving to the gate after de-cloaking, but he had been active in the previous system and it seems unlikely to me that he would afk on a gate with neutral pilots in system. The world may never know, but it was surely a great way to come back into roaming.

In any case, we are very happy to have so many targets set neutral nearby. You can say the two hemispheres in this game are identical, but I really feel that the most action for small gang roams right now is in the South. After scoring the Tengu kill we engaged a few ships on a nearby station but did not manage to kill either of them before they de-aggressed and docked. Onto Curse, I decided, for reasons that will become apparent soon.

In Curse, I was able to pickup some stranded loot and move around ships. This achieved my second goal for the day, which was to sort out part of my logistics mess. We then took the loot from the Tengu and some other faction kills (left in Curse from previous ops) into empire where an alt will sell it and transfer the funds at a later date.

It was very late when we started, and everyone had enjoyed themselves thus far, so we decided to head home. In summary: No losses, 1 quality kill, several scraps with our neighbors and a decent amount of isk to be made from the loot we scored. I couldn’t ask for a better late-night op to pick up the game again.


2 Responses to “First Night Back :: A Roam and More”

  1. I didn’t mention it in my post, but someone pointed out that the Tengu pilot got kicked from Burn Eden the next day.

    Considering that he has skill books and faction/dead-space items, I’m guessing he was headed back home after a shopping spree in empire.

    If you look carefully, he had duplicates of certain books, which might be indicative of him picking up some random books for friends / corp-mates. It’s pretty common for those in -MVN- to ask “does anybody need anything small from empire?” when making a trip to a major trade hub. We have a more structured logistics program for large orders.

    In either case, it was a humorous development.

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