What The Hel??

After coming home from work, I logged-in to add a skill to my training queue before forming up a roam. At least, that was the plan. My plans changed quickly when Hasra Azmat announced to the alliance that he was “sitting on top of a Goon Hel” in a nearby Delve system.

It would be an understatement to say that this report caught my attention. At first I expected to hear, “oh damn he got out,” but we were able to get a dictor on-scene quickly and the reality set-in that we had a good shot at killing this guy.

Perseus moved a cyno into position while I burned at full-speed in a snipe-fit HAC. The Hel pilot logged shortly after being tackled, but our alliance showed how quickly we can respond to a threat at home by quickly forming a respectable showing of caps, super-caps and support.

The Hel was destroyed less than 1 minute after we cyno’d in the caps, and his loot was quickly snatched by all involved. On the topic of loot, I’m rather jealous of whoever picked up the officer cloak.

It’s also curious that he had so many shield books in his hold… is there a chance this guy was under-skilled for a super carrier? No way to know for sure, but according to battle clinic he hasn’t been active in any PvP in 9 months.

My theory is that the pilot just came back from being inactive, expecting to log into friendly space, only to find that the POS he logged in is now a hostile tower. It was unlucky for him that our pilot was on-the-ball and immediately seized this unique opportunity for a supercap kill in our own backyard. Mad props to you sir.


8 Responses to “What The Hel??”

  1. Woutorian Says:

    Awesome, why does this shit only happen in the middle of the night for me?

    That guy must not have known what hit him.

  2. People are actually starting to look into this, seems like this is yet another case of CCP failures; the guy had logged out and went riding bikes a long time ago, resubbed, logged in to switch skills (about 15 second operation), jumped to safe, somehow got agressed by who knows what (most likely some POS?) and stayed in space for far too longer than the 15 minutes. After that someone probed the ship and then it eventually went kablooey.

    EVE is nowadays so broken that it’s not even funny, not even in the nihilistic sense it used to be.

  3. CCP need to fix their game, but here is what may have occurred based on his account.

    Scenario A:

    > Hel pilot logs in and his ship comes out of warp on a POS while he opens up character sheet and selects a skill. Since he hasn’t played in 9 months, it’s not un-reasonable that this would take him long enough to come out of warp.

    > He gets shot by the IT pos, which is now in place of the former Goon pos he logged at.

    > Pilot freaks out and logs after being aggressed. I actually think that he was still active and simply warped to a safe because people said he had logged after being tackled. But, let’s assume he simply e-warps with aggression where Hasra probes him (I believe Hasra saw him on scan when he logged in initially).

    > Dictor arrives with other light support to start working on his shields. within a couple minutes (remember that my corp lives close to ANZA and we were 4 jumps from the Hel’s graveyard due to a bridge).

    > Our cyno arrives within 5 minutes of being tackled, and the caps come thru. He dies in less than 1 minute after caps appear.

    That’s easily within 15 minutes.

    Consider the alternative…

    Scenario B:

    > He logs in, changes skill, and rapidly logs out before landing and somehow the ship stays logged in at the pos. If this happened, why wasn’t he KILLED at the POS? Do you still e-warp with this bug?

    I checked my screen shots again and he was killed NEAR a moon but not at it. It looks very much like he e-warped after being aggressed on a pos (or by a pos).

  4. According to the pilot he was logged in for only about 15 seconds because he noticed from EVEMon that no skills are currently in training so he spent the time selecting a skill outside of game and only logged in to actually select the skill.

    Afaik POS shouldn’t be able to even autotarget any incoming ships if they’re logged out (in fact they should never arrive at POS in the first place but do an emergency warp instead).

    Oh and I’m not saying nor implying this wouldn’t be a legit kill, I just think it’s sad that the game is in a state where kills such as this can’t be 100% verifiable.

    • Look, if you lost a super carrier this way you’d be making shit up too. My previous post was more or less an attempt to show that his version of events make less sense than what I believe occurred.

      I read the post on something awful myself. It’s just the pilot posting his account and wild speculation from random people who were not in the system.

      I don’t think what is being suggested on SA forums makes much sense. His skill train queue would have been over many, many months ago and he was obviously on a break from the game not ghost-training (which hasn’t worked in a very long time anyway). If he were carefully watching Eve Mon he would have needed to log back in many months ago.

      Having been on break, he came back to Delve, but the world was very different from what he left behind and he found himself at a hostile POS. That’s the most logical conclusion IMO; Not that he pulled some ninja-style skill change and was owned by his ship being left in space longer than 15 minutes.

      I think he came back after 9 months and got himself killed by logging off at a hostile PoS after being shot at. His shipped e-warped off the pos but was probed and killed. Simple as that.

      The pilot was located almost immediately and we only had to move a cyno pilot 4 jumps to bring in supercaps which melted him well withing 15 minutes of him being spotted. The timing was a non-issue.

      It’s possible that he was a victim of some bug but he remember that he logged in to change a skill and then logged off shortly after. He didn’t log in and IMMEDIATELY ctrl + Q which is the behavior that *SUPPOSEDLY* forces your ship to stay in space. From what I hear this bug is hard to re-produce and only happens rarely.

      The person we should be asking is Hasra, or anyone else who was online before the cavalry arrived.

  5. AIM convo I had with the pilot (not actual nicknames used), times are Central Time

    8:05:30 PM Camador: gonna log him in to put cap ships 5 to conitnue training
    8:06:11 PM Me: you’re still in safe space?
    8:06:15 PM Me: or is it cloaked
    8:06:18 PM Camador: …define “safe”
    8:07:21 PM Me: well wouldn’t want someone to scan down you and tackle you now and you lose it
    8:07:25 PM Me: would you now
    8:07:33 PM Camador: im at a safe
    8:07:39 PM Camador: i logged in, logged out again
    8:07:45 PM Camador: logged back in, switched skill and logged out
    8:08:10 PM Camador: even if i was in warp back to a hostile pos, itll dump me out at a safe and there was only one person in local

    9:17:52 PM Camador: haaay
    9:17:56 PM Camador: msg me when you get back

    9:57:24 PM Me: what
    9:58:24 PM Me: i see your balance went up another billion isk

    10:03:15 PM Camador: YEAH GUESS WHAT HAPPENED
    10:03:18 PM Me: you lose the Hel?
    10:03:26 PM Camador: YEAH
    10:03:31 PM Camador: fuck if i know how

    • Sounds like he has no clue they changed the “log-in / log-out” safe-spoting tactic.

      If he was logged at a pos 9 months ago he will end up there no matter how many times he re-logs mid-warp. You have to come out of warp and initiate a new warp to change the destination you will end up at.

      However, if he was logged before he landed it should still disappear even if the pos aggro’d him. Bug is definitely a possibility, I can’t argue with that.

      I just never take anyone at their word when they lose something in a seemingly dumb way.

  6. Titus Loken Says:

    srsly? i am sure i told everyone not to kill anything like this when i went on holiday.

    anyway easley, welcome back to the alnd of the living.

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