Agony Crushes Razor Armor Hacs Disco-Style

I’ve discussed counters to close-range armor-hac gangs before, but I never seriously contemplated using smart-bombs in an IT gang because I thought it would be too hard to pull off. There are also significant risks related to such a bold move.

If you fail to wipe the enemy out, your ships are poorly equipped to fight the enemy at mid-range. Positioning would be difficult – if not impossible – if the enemy warped in out of range, and your damage will drop rapidly if they can spread your BS out or force them to burn into them. Cap is also an issue after a couple minutes of fighting.

However, Agony recently pulled it off in a grand fashion against Razor. I recommend everyone check out the video.

You can also view the battle report here.

I don’t expect to see this tactic used too commonly or as the standard counter-composition for armor HACs, but it may put another option on the table now for some FCs now that it has been proved to be workable by Agony.

For those who don’t know about Agony, they not only offer PvP classes, but they’re known to employ unconventional tactics in actual combat that others write-off.

Most notably, roaming Agony gangs often tell the majority of their pilots to fit spare-mids with ecm, damps or TD’s instead of tackle – leaving that important role to a few specilized ships. This is in stark contrast to most “wolf packs” who fit tackle on everythign with spare room and leave other forms of e-war to specilized hulls only.

I look forward to seeing how other groups adapt to the challenge posed by the strong and proven fleet composition that armor HACs represent. For most groups, the answer has simply been to fly the same setups.


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