A Good Excuse to “Yarr” A Bit

Perseus summed up last night’s low-sec piracy very well, but I wanted to share my own account.

I had decided to jump clone to empire so that I could move some faction mods + skill-books. On my way back, Perseus spotted me flying and encouraged me to go roaming. I had a different agenda in mind. I wanted to get this particular clone back to empire and log within a couple hours.

We compromised on low-sec piracy. Perseus cloned up with Bone and Agro following shortly after. In a short span of time, we got a nice number of kills (barely missing several more).

The killing blows in my combat log paint a good picture of just how fast we were popping hulls:

With more manpower in fleet and on a busier night, we could easily clean up with dozens of kills per day in this area like we did in the golden days of Maverick piracy, but that’s not really what our is about anymore.

Still, it’s fun to do a little PvP outside 0.0 now and then. Even if the opponents you find are usually pants-on-head stupid.


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