Extreme Logistics :: The Neutral Freighter Challenge

A long time ago in a region far, far away… an old friend of mine logged-off in a freighter filled with enough loot to buy himself a shiny new super-carrier.

However, being stuffed full of valuables in hostile 0.0 space is not the most comfortable situation for a freighter alt.  With his ship hidden in a remote system of the deep south, returning to the game entailed a difficult journey.

The monumental task of reaching empire without dieing would be difficult, even with his primary account available to scout. Freighters are slow and can easily be caught from behind with a single scout one-system ahead. That’s only one of many potential nightmare scenarios.

Trusting in his old friend, he agreed to let me bring him up to Empire. I have a long history of evacuating assets from difficult locations starting with the collapse of IAC almost overnight due to wide-spread panic over the coming -A- (and at that time we incorrectly assumed Goonswarm) invasion. For those of you who were not around then, it was somewhat similar to the collapse of Aggression alliance.

For the task of bringing the Obelisk to empire, I selected a rapier from my hangar, both because it makes an excellent scout and because dual-webs allow a freighter to enter warp very quickly when used properly.

With several tense moments and close-calls, I eventually lead him up through several null sec regions and pirate-infested Amarr low-sec. Surprisingly, the low-sec / high-sec pipe was actually far more challenging to traverse than the 0.0 systems we passed through.

For my troubles, I was generously rewarded with my pick of several ships from his haul as well as a couple faction modules that interested me.

My motivations in Eve are rarely based on ISK-making, but earning several new ships in this fashion was a great boon. It will allow me to recover more quickly from losses and avoid farming just because I get popped in a couple T2 cruisers.

The best feeling was that which came from aiding my old friend. By freeing him from a freighter-sized burden, he can now enjoy the game again and roam around blowing things up.

I don’t know how much ISK he has made at this stage, but within a day of arriving in Jita he informed me he had earned 10 billion from ship and module sales.


2 Responses to “Extreme Logistics :: The Neutral Freighter Challenge”

  1. We know who the person you helped Easley. Now you are on “our” hitlist!

    • Why is the word “our” in quotes in that sentence?

      Anyway, this is Eve so bring on the evil plotting / revenge. That’s what makes the game interesting.

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