Sparse Playtime, Sparse Kills

I have had only a few hours here and there to play since my last update, but I wanted to record a few brief encounters.

(1) Earlier this evening, after coming home at around 11 PM my time, I caught up with a roam being lead by Perseus. The gang consisted of t2 and faction frigs with a single dictor and falcon being the only other other ships fielded. I decided to bring a rapier for no particularly good reason.

We narrowly missed a Raven who cross-jumped the main-body of our gang, only to be engaged by a lone assault frig who couldn’t get into scram range before the battleship warped and logged. We had no probes, and it would have been too much effort to scream at people to burn over from our home space just to have a shot at catching a lone Raven.

Luckily for us, our scout reported a Tengu landing on our gate. He pressured it into our camp and we waited with anticipation as the pilot waited out his timer. Even with the bubble up, there was a good chance he could escape if he had a interdiction-nullified setup, but that was not the case in this instance.

It took us quite a while, but we eventually wore down a rather expensive Tengu. The loot drop should net everyone in gang a decent pay-out after the A-type booster and CN BCUs are sold in Jita by one of our neutral alts.

I can’t help but think that all this sloppiness in -A- space is due to their serious internal issues. Whenever corps leave a 0.0 alliance, players will take unwise risks to evacuate expensive assets and discipline generally breaks down.

(2) Last Friday, In Curse -MVN- and another IT corp had just begun to move pilots and ships into Curse for a long deployment involving coordinated roaming ops and possibly a future involvement in nearby conflicts if the circumstances were favorable.

The early adventures had netted some good kills, but also a handful losses as many of the FCs with little or no personal experience in the area under-estimated Outbreak on more than one occasion.

I was literally online for the last-half of a fight that ended before I could arrive in-system. Having missed the action, I started looting the field. One wreck in particular was a good distance off, so I re-warped from a nearby planet, only to find a jaguar sitting on the wreck!

I applied close range tackle + neus to maintain range. Without being able to orbit me, I easily crushed the jaguar with my close-rage hurricane. This kill is certainly nothing to brag about, but it was nice to log in and pick up free loot and a solo kill before having to get back offline.

I also shared a falcon kill with an Initiative pilot a couple systems over before we had to leave Curse. This particular kill was somewhat joyless because the falcon pilot – though neutral and someone I’ve fought before – had “warned” me about the Initiative gang next-door when I jumped in, because he knows I fly solo fairly often and didn’t want to see me get raped.

Solo-enthusiasts will occasionally pass intel to each other, even without friendly standings. You shouldn’t overly-trust anyone in Eve, but in my experience these tips tend to be genuine.

3) Last Sat/Sun, IT Alliance Recalled Home – Although we were told to move home to prepare for a new operation, we didn’t have orders yet. So, to pass the time, we killed whatever we could in our own backyard.

I was able to catch a Vagabond ratter who was farming rats in our space without permission. I noticed he was still in the belts, even after my hurricane entered system, so I used a clever warp-in angle to land in range to tackle. He could have escaped at one point, but instead he decided to try and kite me, which did not work. The Vaga dropped some low-value dark blood mods that he had just acquired in the belts.

The next day I had a little more playtime, so I lead a roam of my own. Over a few hours of boring Sunday hunting (traditionally a bad day for kills) we snared a few unremarkable kills without any losses.

The first kill came in Curse, where I was able to tackle a Harbinger in my Rapier and hold him off-gate until my back-up could arrive. We tried to get a fight with Darkside in neighboring systems, but their similar-sized gang did not want to play with us. We were primarily in drakes with scimitar support, Darkside had Machs and Cynabals.

Leaving Curse for Providence, I was able to bait a fight with a dominix and drake on a station in a popular mining system. I let the drake approach me off-station (un-webbed) while focusing on the dominix to create urgency. When I had the drake safely out-of dock range, I called in my battle-cruisers to do the heavy lifting.

The dominix, having neuted me just before I switched my tackle over to the drake, was still aggressed for a few moments after we finished the drake. We primaried him and he docked in VERY low structure. He had to of been below 1000 hull.

Moving forward, I jumped-into a busy system occupied by Flying Dangerously. An Ishkur sat on-gate, orbiting an anchored bubble positioned to catch warp-ins from another gate. Scan showed nothing else in range.

I engaged the Ishkur with 22 in local and a gang hungry for more kills on the other side of the gate. He slowly dropped and..  as I mashed scan to see what his backup would look like… I was disappointed to solo the poor guy with no one coming to his aid.

All was not yet lost. I saw battleships on scan shortly after looting the Ishkur wreck! They were on station with a carrier, so engaging them in this particular system was not going to happen on my watch. Instead, I decided to warp to station and see if I couldn’t get a few tacklers to burn at me beyond the reach of their station-hugging RRBS and carrier(s).

As I landed, the hostiles warped past me to the gate. I let the gang know to be ready. If they jumped into us, I was comfortable engaging with similar numbers. We had far more logistic support, and I felt we had a slight overall advantage in a heads-up brawl.

However, the gang wanted us to jump to them, in the system where they had at least one carrier and several more pilots in station. After a brief standoff, we went home. If we had stayed longer I feared their numbers would swell.

Other thoughts:

-There are some great new videos out by PvP-video-makers I respect. Check out Garmonation 8, Podcat’s Dishonor and Fon Revenant’s “The Rocket Wickedness.” They’re all amazing videos and each is different enough from the others that you won’t be bored watching all 3 in one sitting.

-AAA used to scare me when I was in IAC. They’ve fallen a long way since then. I think the biggest issue is that they only want to do things that are within their local sphere of influence. -A- is probably the Morsus Mihi of the south, grossly rich and lazy, but powerful when attacked locally.

-Atlas has always been too dependent on Bobby. If the supreme leader isn’t playing Eve like a second job, they are simply not a superpower. However, fighting PL (especially when they have others involved to create added chaos) tends to make anyone look bad. They’ve done it to the NC, IT and now Atlas.

-If you need a break from Eve, there are some great movies out. See “Inception,” “The Other Guys,” and “Scott Pilgrim” first. If you have more time, “Dinner for Schmucks” and “The Expendables” were both above-average (although victims of their own over-hyping IMO).


2 Responses to “Sparse Playtime, Sparse Kills”

  1. Nice to see one of my corps directors helping you out there 🙂

    • I guess when I said I shared the kill with your director, I should have said he shared it with me.

      Your director was jammed and scram/web by the falcon when I landed, but the pilot didn’t have enough ECM to handle a second vaga due to his solo combat fit.

      I have a high opinion of Init and it’s almost always a pleasure to fly with you guys. I know many others in -MVN- share that view as well.

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