“GFs” To Be Had In New Providence

This will be a short post. I have often seen many claim “-A- ruined Providence” and that the fun pvp once experienced there is gone forever.

Every time we have visited the area this week, we’ve gotten good fights or at least a couple kills. I even managed to sneak a few solo kills in each visit.

Tonight was no exception. I got home late (again) and met up with a -MVN- FC’d gang consisting of IT and friends. They had not found anything in Catch, but Providence looked promising. However, due to having a solid fleet strength (18 at peak I believe) we were scaring too many locals away.

Eventually we spotted an RRBS gang with support coming our way. We gladly positioned ourselves to take the fight. With only a gate separating our gang from theirs, we sent Perseus through the gate into their gang to bubble. Unfortunately, he disconnected and died without bubbling. Meaningless deaths are the most aggrivating kind.

We then decided to jump to the enemy, as they were aggressed from killing Perseus in a Saber, and we managed to score 6 kills for that single saber loss that shouldn’t even have occurred. Since the only hostiles that show up on the killboard are those who either got on Perseus’s loss mail or died to our gang, you can’t see the entirety of their gang.

We were definately larger in umbers, but they had a few more than show on that report, including a Widow and some light tackle. The widow actually never de-cloaked, but we had seen him warp onto the gate. The keys to victory in this engagement were killing the falcon early and our experienced scimitar pilots quickly negating any DPS put out by the enemy, even when they switched targets.

After losing the fight, or opponents reshipped and rounded up a gang twice our size. They had twice as many logistics and a crap ton of battle-cruisers. We avoided fighting them and headed home, but not before swinging by HED- so I could grab a quick solo kill.

Providence has many holders now that are willing and able to mount a solid, small-to-mid-size fleet in response to hostiles roaming their space. It hasn’t reached population heights of old providence, but that was a NRDS community built up for many years. New providence is… new… and only open to ambitious alliances with a desire to join the “fight club” not just any old miner or ratting fiend.

This means that, while you won’t always find a belt-raven to blow up, the odds of getting a real fight are probably better than before.


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