Maverick Macro Megapurge!!

Ok, so let’s be honest for a moment. Every large alliance ends up with a few macro ratters here and there. I’ve seen it in every region I’ve ever roamed through.

One of the problem with macro ratting ships is that they are soulless isk-grinding machines that often upset other players in the zone by warping belt-to-belt and tagging rats with no deference to other players.

In our own space, we’ve seen a couple pilots using macros and – after confronting the pilots – we got stories ranging from “it was my kids playing” to “I just didn’t see you talking to me.” Neither are valid excuses, especially during a deployment such as the one we’ve just begun this weekend in Syndicate.

There are plenty of reasons to hate macro-abusers, and everyone CLAIMS they try to purge their own corps of these leeches, but how many of them just get ignored? How many people turn a blind eye to this because of the taxes they generate or because they tacitly accept macros as acceptable?

In -MVN- we have a different approach to dealing with clearly afk macro-ratting pilots. We warn them once and if it ever happens again, we kick them without any warning and offer them no safe travel out of our space. Three pilots were recently identified and given a stern warning.

After finding pilots who were previously warned using macros, we would normally have simply removed them, but many of us felt that this was sending a strong enough message. Starting today, we’re hunting our own pilots and murdering them in the belts.

Our first field execution was a Paladin macro ratter whose pod continued to warp belt-to-belt after being killed in the exact same manner as before. The macro, apparently, has its limitations.

Within minutes, another pilot was located and shown to be using a macro. I think you can guess what happened to the second paladin macro-ratter.

More will follow in the near future. My only regret is that I can’t clone back to our space at this precise moment to help with the purge.

For updates on our macro-killing, feel free to visit The Maverick Navy’s Killboard.


5 Responses to “Maverick Macro Megapurge!!”

  1. Titus Loken Says:

    OMG! Avi has kill.

  2. DarthDeaconRage Says:

    None shall withstand your faith! PURGE.KILL.DESTROY.


  3. Add another notorious macro-abuser to the league of villainous evil-doers slain by the MAVERICK MACRO JUSTICE LEAGUE:

  4. I’m glad you’re doin this…you have no idea how many Russian macros there are in dronelands and how frustrating it is when you can’t kill them. Keep it up!

  5. We know how frustrating it is from personal experience. Most recently from roaming -A- space.

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