Syndicate :: Day 1

I was not present for the alliance’s initial operations due to time-zone differences, but I did setup half a dozen ships  in our staging system, which I have already put to good use.

In the first few engagements, IT pilots have shown what all of our FCs expected, many of our members are totally clueless about armor HAC setups and how to fly them. However, with a couple fights under their belts and some spankings being doled out, I feel the vast majority of those who brough improper setup now understand the basic requirements.

In Day 1 of my Syndicate deployment, I first went roaming with an alliance FC who chased hostile gangs for a couple hours with no kills. It was a bit painful, but I threw back a few beers and just went along for the ride for once. I didn’t scout or FC, I just mindlessly warped around in my hurricane.

After that roam returned to our staging system, a Maverick FC decided to kick things into gear and take anyone who was still awake out again. We lost some numbers but with a better small-gang FC at the helm we were assured to do much better. One major cultural difference between -MVN- and other IT corps is that we strongly value casual pvp and we have many excellent small-gang FCs.

Our first kill was a t1 scouting frigate. Shortly after, we found and melted a Tengu in a sanctum.  The Tengu kill was a hard one to pull off because he kept warping out, but our FC (who was also scouting from the front like many of us do in -MVN-) was able to eventually pin him down. Hats off to you Card.

Moving ahead, we caught a faction frig on a gate and then a curse. If you notice, the majority of us are not on these mails. That’s because our fast-tackle was melting people before the rest of the gang could even get a lock. It was slightly frustrating, but I’d rather see things die than get away.

Moving ahead, we came into a NC-controlled system and tried to bait the locals into fighting. Our advance team of 2 players only got a thorax to engage. We decided to let them kill it instead of bringing in our gang, in hopes they they would escalate the battle with more ships. Sadly, they were not interested in fighting even though local included 40+ NC.

At this point, we had an alliance operation in less than an hour so we burnt home. One the way back we killed a stabber who tried to re-approach gate and also a drake, which I was actually able to lock! Huzzah for my 2nd mail of the night.

I made it to the alliance operation in an armor HAC. We went around reinforcing and killing low-sec and npc 0.0 towers such as this Cry Havoc tower.

We captured 2 moons in that operation pre-downtime. After downtime, I believe the operation continued at some point, but I was fast asleep.

The campaign has focused only obtaining moons thus far. However, aside from added wealth, we’re getting valuable (and much needed) experience in Armor Hacs against some tough opponents.

I think this will be fun campaign, and I’m looking forward to seeing some cap fights while orbiting command ships furiously with guns a-blaze.


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