Well-Deserved Recognition :: New -MVN- Corp FCs Making Us Proud

I have said many times that PvP corps live and die by the activity level and leadership skill of their FCs. If there are no active FCs to lead gangs, your combat-loving pilots will be bored between major alliance ops.

In an alliance like IT, which doesn’t emphasize casual PvP, having successful corp-run roams is essential. Especially for a group like -MVN- that has always been unwilling to go without constant ‘pew pew’ for very long.

On the other hand, if the leaders at the helm of fleets are unskilled or foolish but highly-active, gang-participants will tire of showing up to commit suicide in expensive hardware and will soon defect or simply avoid participating. Therefore, having FCs who are both active and skilled is essential.

Admittedly, the overall pilot quality of a corp matters a great deal as well. Even a highly-skilled and active FC may soon burn-out or fail to achieve his potential if the pilots he leads cannot perform to his expectations.

However, having quality FCs around tends to improve and train the general membership, and even poor recruiting will eventually lead to the discovery of some diamonds in the rough.  Therefore, I consider fleet command / leadership to be the most important factor in a strong PvP-based corp.

There have been some new faces leading gangs in -MVN- recently, and I have been extremely pleased with their performances. In the past we’ve had new pilots become first-time FCs in -MVN- with mixed results. Perseus is a great example of a younger pilot (in terms of character creation date) becoming a top-notch FC on a very-short timetable. Others have shown promise but failed to step-up on the level we would like to see.

Recently, instead of training-up new FCs, we’ve had the good luck to take on some experienced FCs from other corps.

I would argue that, for a corp like -MVN- that gets dozens of apps each week from potential members, finding a highly skilled FC is more valuable than 20, 30 or even 50 additional skilled pilots at this point.

I will not post any names here for fear it could lead to them being primaried more than they already are, but I’m sure every combat pilot in MVN knows the people I am referring to.

So, all you new Maverick fleet commanders, keep up the great work! To those who have not been leading gangs but would like to start, now is a perfect time.


2 Responses to “Well-Deserved Recognition :: New -MVN- Corp FCs Making Us Proud”

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