Evals :: Praise and Shame

Every corp has its own way of evaluating members. For some corps, this is done on an ad-hoc basis, sometimes without any consultation between officers.

In -MVN-, “evals” have always been a big deal. We sit down and evaluate every member, starting with probationary members and moving all the way up to considering promotions of active full-members to the level of lieutenant, captain or even – in rare cases – bringing someone new into the directorate.

With the corp growing from a nearly exclusively American organization at the time of its founding to a far more diverse, balanced-group including substantial numbers of active European-prime players, we’ve now split evaluations into two groups so that the officers who regularly deal with the members in their timezone are assured to be able to make the relevant meeting.

After looking at the performance of our combat pilots (including both kill-board stats and anecdotes from fleet commanders) and evaluating the effectiveness of industrial pilots (who have certain quotas in place) we ended up removing over 40 players from the corporation. This is not only because evaluations had been previously delayed several times, but because we want to send a strong signal that we expect a higher standard to be met.

The number of kicked pilots does not include those who received the “fail penis” title, which is a serious warning that suggests you will be removed at the next evaluation period if you do not shape up, or if you repeat a serious past-mistake.

Some examples of previously-committed embarrassing actions that could justify a “fail penis” include losing a capital due to jumping blindly to beacons, getting tackled in a pimped ratting ship, repeatedly failing to adhere to corp and alliance standard ship-fittings, and – of course – general shitty performance or bad attitude.


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