Roam, Roam, Roam Your Boat

We have been roaming between tower ops. Syndicate is a fun region, and it happens to be withing range of several other good hunting areas.

Tonight we started things off with a few titan-bridge traps. The first killed two members of a 10-man gate-camp. The second bridge netted us a command ship kill. They never had a chance against our rather large roam.

While opening a cyno and bumping local usually causes the majority of the hostiles to flee, sometimes it’s the only way to score some kills on a fleet that is unwilling to engage your gang.

Our path tonight lead us from Syndicate up into Pure Blind. Starting in 6-C, I caught a t1 hauler in a drag bubble. Moving ahead, our forward scout engaged a rapier that melted once the main-gang arrived. Meanwhile,  PK bagged an easy solo kill nearby.

We entered Cloud ring and tried to get a fight from Dead Terrorists. It didn’t work, so we left. They decided to try to bomb us on gate as we were leaving, which failed. We managed to catch one of their bombers and our side took zero losses, despite several bombers making a run on us.

We then located another gang ahead of us, neutral and battle-ship heavy. Perfect! With a nice compliment of shield BCs, shield logistics and light tackle we were ready for anything. Sadly, they started running for their lives as soon as out forward scout landed on their gate. We settled for bringing down one unfortunate battleship.

Moving forward, we traveled up to P-2 in Pure Blind, which is a staging system for various NC alliances. Again, we couldn’t get a fight, but we did gank the hell out of a Vagabond who had the balls to red-box on the station. It was getting late this point, so we decided to head back.

On the way back, we ran into a few pilots in the system where we had killed the Rokh earlier. We tackled and killed a small gang and moved forward, not wanting to delay for long with many people notifying us they had to get to bed soon. However, our fun was far from over.

We encountered a Wildly Inappropriate gang and managed to trap them on a gate, with some of our forces on both sides. After the majority of them jumped into one side, we scored 5 ship kills and 2 pods, while our forces on the other side had to settle for a harbinger kill. Great success!

Before we made it home, one of our scouts scored himself another solo kill. As a side-note, there are several solo mails that have not been posted yet, but luckily for us they are all kills, not losses. We made it through the entire roam with zero losses and everyone had a great time. We spammed local like goons, played recordings over team-speak and there was even an appearance from the infamous Avicenna Sarfaraz.

Here is a summary of the mails I made it onto during the roam:

After the gang stood down, I went with a small alliance operation to kill towers. We picked up a new tech moon (with a can holding 35k tech left behind) and ninja’d another tower before it could be onlined by hostiles forces.

We have been taking moons with regularity, but there isn’t a great sense of urgency. We are obtaining something valuable, but I think the real objective for our forces should be to get comfortable with setups the alliance has not used frequently in the pass and improve morale. Going head-first into a brick wall can eventually wear down anyone, so I think those wondering why we aren’t already back up north or in the far-east should consider moreale


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