Joy Killing Mechanic Spotlight :: Global Criminal Countdown

Whenever I have to go to empire, I make a point of it to kill something in low-sec, since I rarely get the pleasure of piracy these days. This evening, I went on a quick solo roam after cloning to empire for a skill book.

My first kill of the night was an npc corp drake, about 5 minutes into my roam. A garden variety kill to be sure, but not a bad start. The fight was not very long, and I was able to loot the wreck and safe up without any issues, but I spent the next 15 minutes doing nothing.

It took me 5 minutes to find a target, then I spent 15 in a safe-spot. That’s a 3-1 ratio of thumb-twiddling versus active hunting, and an even lower ratio of actual fighting to sitting around. Low-sec has enough difficulties that keep sucking people away into 0.0 or high-sec. Do we really need a lengthy time-out after killing someone?

Next, after waiting my timer out, it took 6 minutes to find my second target, an Omen Navy Issue. Guess what happened next? Yup, 15 more minutes of fucking waiting!! Sometimes I think this game was designed by former employees of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (non-Americans read: a notoriously inefficient bureaucracy with huge lines).

Obviously, there is no reason I couldn’t do other things. I could rat, kill more people or just dock up. I actually did finish the belt-spawn in this case, to balance my security loss out.

The real issue is that a long GCC impairs my ability to roam from system to system. A battleship can shrug off gate-guns enough to travel with them, but even at that hull-class it presents disadvantages when roaming.

If you’re in combat, the GCC continually refreshes as you take aggressive actions against your target (weapons fire, drones, warp disruption all trigger it with each cycle). So then, why do we need GCC to persist so long AFTER you stop your hostile actions? Aggression ends LONG before GCC, so what’s the reason for flagging to last so long?

I think the best way to fix the problem would be substituting in a 5 minute timer. Since it takes me about that long to get into fights, at least if tonight was any indication, I think that’s all it should take to get the hell out of the system without gate-guns burning a hole in my ship’s backside.

To finish the tale of my little roam. With 2 minutes before downtime I popped my third victim, a pvp-fit harbinger whose pesky ecm drones caused me some grief at first. I was soon able to kill the drones (ec-600 are not very hard to hit) but there was a successful jam at one point.

If he had been aligning out and spamming warp, this kill wouldn’t have happened. Luckily for me, he was pvp-fit and looking to fight back. Local spiked +3 as he entered hull. I was able to loot him before warping off and docking  just as downtime hit. The drop included a minor faction item, which is always a plus, and some common T2 mods.

His friends were hugging station in various battleships when I landed. I guess he told them not to bother warping-in since he was a goner.

Back on the topic of this post, 3 solo kills in about an hour isn’t bad, but I wasted 30 minutes total on GCC after my first and second kill. That was almost half the entire roam doing NOTHING.

If I had not been forced offline by downtime, I’d be waiting off my 15 minutes again right now. CCP, if you ever give me one low-sec change, make it a shorter GCC.


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