IT Surprise Visit To Providence

Through channels, a CVA FC reached out to contacts in IT Alliance for a potential hot-drop opportunity on some Providence alliance capitals laying siege to a CVA-owned pos in 6-OQJV.

The target  fleet included members of the following alliances:

Legio Astartes Arcanum

Noir. Mercenary Group

On the Rocks

Imperial Order

Flying Dangerous

Against All Authorities

We formed up in capitals with a small conventional fleet at first, but mixed intel on a potential counter drop caused us to tread carefully. We decide to start things off by jumping through a small support fleet to engage approximately 10 hostile caps who were on the tower at that time.

The hostiles were keeping their sub-caps off-field due to excellent POS gunning by CVA.

When our fleet landed, we locked up and killed 2 carriers before the hostile sub-cap fleet showed up. With greatly superior-size, their sub-cap gang forced us to warp off to regroup. Thanks to a lack of hostile tackling and strong logistics support,  we got off the field without serious losses.

It was decided to switch everyone who wasn’t already in the system into sub-caps at this point, and we proceeded to form up a much larger gang of shield BCs and logistics before bridging a second wave into the system.

With similar numbers to the enemy fleet (but lacking any caps) we tore them apart with very few losses. I was surprised by the unfocused nature of their dps. I suspect not all of them were on the same comms. We took no losses from this point on, save for 1 IT BC that was called primary by mistake due to overview issues.

CVA did a great job bubbling the enemy and pos-gunning. I have to extend my gratitude for providing such an excellent engagement for us to enjoy in U.S. prime-time, where we typically do not see much action other than roaming gangs.

-MVN- FCs Perseus and Homegrown did a great job leading this one, with assistance from several other FCs who were coordinating scouts and cynos, as well as providing input on how to proceed.

One unexpected event was the arrival of a small Agony training fleet, which engaged the hostiles while we were regrouping. It was a T1 frigate gang that got quickly dismantled, but I’m sure they had a good time themselves, and it was a useful distraction for our side.

-MVN- Battle Summary

IT Killboard Battle Summary

I myself made it onto a fair number of mails, but only a fraction of the whole —

In Summary: This was a very fun op for everyone involved on our side. The enemy was actually rather chill in local and, despite losing, I suspect they may have had fun as well. Our only real regret was that we had to leave all the capital mods and fighters behind for CVA to loot. That and the fact that several hostile caps self-destructed (mostly dreads).


4 Responses to “IT Surprise Visit To Providence”

  1. Woutorian Says:

    Awesome fight, 24 mavs on the field, by far the most. Nice report, wish i was there.

  2. Titus Loken Says:

    I was there, scared shitless at the prospect of getting blobbed in my cynabal in a lagged out fight.

    Lag was ok, I turned my ‘All but drones’ brackets on and managed to buzz around getting tackles and doing a bit of DPS on the side. I got primaried at one point but the speed of the cynabal meant their tracking went to shit and I essentially couldn’t be bubbled.

    Mad props to PK and Homi3 for organising and target calling (even the calling a member of DICE primary, and nearly primarying Aralis due too CCP’s overview fail). You took a risk and it paid off, very very nicely. Also props too the CVA for laying down the foundation of the hot-drop and for bubbling the target fleet.

    Was a nice welcome party for ICE who recently got evicted from the north by their evil overlords.


    P.S. kept me up till 6am 😦

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. We got to help CVA out of a tight spot and bag us an impressive kill count.

    Excellent work Mavs!

  4. PK has a post up on the fight on his blog as well. Check out:

    He actually under-reports the cap kills (there were 9 kills + 1 self destruction).

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