Between Farming Sanctums…

-MVN- is back in Delve making preparations for whatever comes next. We left Catch because -A- is gone, and Init now has more space than they can use.

As we departed from Catch, we caught a few -A-  pilots evacuating. I don’t have pics for every kill but this unlucky hauler had some decent goodies inside:

Of course, it doesn’t even compare to this loot pinata stuffed with two full sets of slave implants. Not the low-grades. We’re talking good ones for crazy low-sec pilots with too much isk.

We also took out an annoying -A- Dramiel pilot who kept following us around the region. It was a particularly satisfying kill for PK who lost a Saber to the same guy earlier.

We moved our assets in Catch back to Delve in a couple days, but it isn’t all sanctums and 10/10 plexes while we wait for our new campaign. For one thing, we’ve grown increasingly creative with our bubble-art. Behold:

Another IT corp got a bit irate, and after making a fuss, they got Molle himself to come and demand we take down this fantastic phallus. We had to comply, but while it lasted this was certainly a useful and stylish way to trap hostiles coming into our space from Fountain.

Small -MVN- gangs have been ganking, whenever possible, anyone who comes into our neighborhood. Most of the kills have been cloakers or fast-movers. To catch a recon or agile frigate you usually need bubbles,  scram + web and pilots who are skilled at de-cloaking. Using all of those skills, we’ve nailed quite a few soloists (including e-famous video makers) and small-gang scouts since coming home. Those are just a couple random killmail examples.

Finally, as a note to everyone who has contacted myself or PK and mentioned how much they enjoy our blogs, please feel free to post comments here or mail me with questions you would like to see addressed in a future post.

I try to focus on personal experiences only, so I don’t necessarily record every interesting event that occurs with -MVN- or IT as a whole, but theory-crafting is well within the realm topics I enjoy writing about and I would be happy to discuss fittings and piloting for various ships.


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