Bad Fits – My Top 5 Pet Peeves

I could spend a month just going over all the bad fits I’ve run across. That doesn’t interest me, and I suspect it wouldn’t interest anyone else either.

What does intrigue me is the sheer number of times I see some very basic fitting rules broken. There are some rules that have exceptions, but for the most part these are guiding principles that should never be deviated from.

The following 5 fittings mistakes are my pet peeves:

1) Never Use Under-Sized Buffer Mods: Whether it’s a 400mm plate on a Battleship or a MSE on a HAC, under-sized buffer mods are extremely common, even among otherwise outstanding pilots.

First off, there is literally no ship that should ever fit the following mods:

-Small shield extenders

-50mm Plates, 100mm Plates

Here is the correct Armor Plating Breakdowns:

200mm Plates – Frigates/destroyers

400mm – Fridates / destroyers (usually requires MAPC)

800mm – Cruisers (usually gank setups that need grid and can’t fit 1600)

1600mm – BC, BS and some cruisers (especially t2 hulls)

And the correct Shield Extender Breakdown:

MSE: Frig /dictor

LSE: Everything from cruiser-size up thru battleship size

2) The Single Armor Rep Tank (for ships above frigate class): As mentioned in the heading, this obviously doesn’t apply to frigates. Active tanked armor frigs can easily get by with a single rep. That said, above the frigate class, only carriers can get away with an active armor tank that relies on only one rep.

A single rep is just  not enough for most 1v1 situations, let alone dealing with focus fire from a small gang. Good options are: Dual-rep, buffer, or buffer + mono rep. Never just a single rep. Learn this and have greater success.

3) Excessive ‘Fittings’ Mods: There are 2 RCU and an ACR on your ship? Cool fitting bro. I’m sure it was worth losing 2 slots and a rig to fit the larger variant of your turrets or an extra plate at the expense of resists or DPS. The absolute limit should be 1 low-slot OR 1 rig (and not both). I firmly believe that any setup that goes beyond a single rig or low-slot could be re-worked for greater results. For example, you can always drop some of your weapons down a tier (as in 425 autos down to 220mm autos, or changing out neutrons for ions).

4) Passive Capacitor Recharge Mods on Non-Logistics, Neuting or Capital Ships: If it’s not a logistic, capital or energy neutralizing ship then this is a very likely sign of inexperience. In the vast majority of cases, success in PvP is about your ability to perform well for minutes at a time, not hours. You don’t need to be fully cap stable running everything, and it often comes at a high cost since you need several mids or lows to get significant results in cap recharge time.Simply use an injector if cap will be an issue.

*In a very small number of cases, a cap battery may make sense, but this fitting style largely disappeared in the nano age (when ships like Nano Ishtars were almost always fit with a battery).

5) Untanked Tacklers: This always bothers me, but never more so than on Dramiel loss mails. Just because a ship is extremely fast doesn’t mean you won’t ever get hit. When you’re faster than every other ship in the game (other than another person in your exact ship) it’s not necessary to hollow out your structure with nanofibers. A shield buffer fits naturally with the light tackler setup and a damage control is, in many cases, the difference between losing or killing another frigate if you get into a 1v1 situation.


6 Responses to “Bad Fits – My Top 5 Pet Peeves”

  1. Squizz Caphinator Says:

    Your #1 and #5 conflict with each other. In #1, you say that no ship should ever fit a Small Shield Extender, and yet in #5 you mention tacklers should use shield buffers. How do you propose fitting a Medium Shield Extender onto an interceptor?

    • StaticViolence Says:

      It still applies to the majority of tackling ships other then interceptors. One of the greatest strengths of the inty is the mwd sig penalty reduction, fitting any SE negates this bonus. This is why shield interceptors are inferior to armor and hull ceptors for survivability. When it comes to tackling ships that will already have a massive sig due to their mwd penalty, such as AFs, rifters, etc, an MSE makes much more sense, and is usually much easier to fit.

      • You’re correct that MSE fits are standard across all types of T2 frigs.

        It’s definitely possible to do something like a plated inty instead of a shield extender. I have a claw fit that uses an armor tank. I don’t say anything against that style in here. All I said is that un-tanked tacklers are fail.

        I think the shield fits are a more natural choice for faster ships even in light of the signature penalty. I have used a MSE stiletto many times in fleet fights (Tackling up to 2 people at once with disruptor + scram) without getting popped but intys are never invincible, regardless of what you do.

  2. I said tacklers, which includes a long list of ships, not just interceptors. However, for intys like the stiletto I use a MAPC to fit a MSE.

    If you don’t have the skills for an MAPC you can make a MSE fit on most intys with an ACR rig or an RCU instead but it may impact the highs you can use.

    An MAPC is definitely worth training for, however, since a ton of popular fits call for it. Dramiels in particular.

    • Thanks for mentioning my post on your podcast. I’ll be sure to listen to you guys when the 4th release comes out!

      Just a couple notes:

      1) All of my fittings discussions (and everything written on this blog in general) is from a PVP perspective. My comments about passive cap recharge mods obviously don’t apply to a mission runner or ratting ship.

      2) My fittings advice is not targeted at lower skill-point players. A younger player can, of course, fit for suicide tackle, but in a small gang of experienced players where losing a member can cripple the way you operate, it’s important to fit-out your ship for the best results possible. It’s even more important when flying something expensive like a faction frigate.

      3) I strongly believe that tacklers need some way to increase the amount of damage they can tank. It can be a damage control, plate or extender. For most fast tacklers, it should be an extender of some kind (MSE or LSE).

      The longer you live, the longer you keep the bad guy tackled. It’s easy to miss a kill because ONLY the fast tackler (and crows are a great example of this) gets a tackle far away from the fleet and is then easily killed before help arrives. In that scenario, the hostile pilot flees with an easy kill under his belt.

      A buffer also allows you to survive a volley or two while approaching the enemy. Suicide tacklers will literally be 1-shotted by something like a hurricane before they can get “under” the tracking and assume an orbit. The signature difference isn’t enough to save you when you have to burn-out a target at range because of your angle of approach.

      You mentioned the rifter in particular and I’m surprised to hear you say the tank on this ship is pointless. A tanked rifter can (and has in thousands of cases according to battle clinic) beaten ships as large as battleships completely solo and without t2 fittings.

      Finally, remember that tacklers come in many varieties. Assault frigs, faction frigs, interceptors, vagabonds, recon tacklers and even some T3s fit firmly into this category.

      4) As for the “single rep” thing, I’m referencing “high resist” fits with all hardeners + 1 rep (and no buffer). You might find it strange but I kill lots of people with all resist and 1 rep, with no buffer. There is a big difference between a single rep tank and a buffer + single rep tank. They are different fittings styles and both are commonly used.

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