Jump. Pray. Lag.

I did not post about it at the time, mostly because it was not fun for me personally, but the 68FT battle was one of the least playable fights since Max 2.

The scene was set for a lag-fest hours ahead when all the parties involved formed up in their staging points.

We had moved a large “Shield Fleet” via consecutive titan bridges across several regions. For those unfamiliar with our Shield Fleets, in IT we use maelstroms + apocs + drakes, instead of pure drake fleets. Our opponents in 68FT were almost entirely a pure drake fleet.

We eventually made our way to the 68FT gate where a bomber gang pushed us to jump through. We would have jumped anyway but they added some urgency. As soon as we entered… black screen… for quite a while.

When we did load, modules (even with split stacks and manual cycling on) were not responding. When they did fire you would have 10+ minutes to wait before you could shoot again. I got 3 shots off total the entire time I was alive.

Both fleets were soon bubbled and attempting to kill things. I would say 1 ship – at most – died every 5 minutes at this stage of the fight.

Eventually I was primaried, and could not warp. I wasn’t in any bubbles or pointed, I was tackled by lag.

After my drake died, somehow the lag broke and I was able to get my pod out of the fight with no issues. I logged next-door and the next day we formed up a “rescue” fleet where I got a few kills on the way home (this time in a new drake I had purchased nearby for the break-out attempt).

This was the first large-scale operation where I flew a drake. Having recently picked up decent missile skills, I finally cross-trained to pilot this (rather overpowered) battle-cruiser.

The drake is certainly an ideal battle-boat for the current state of the game, but I’ll probably stick with hurricanes for roaming, and I’ll fly a (high alpha) artillery-fit battleship in the next big OP that calls for Shield Fleet setups. Why? If I only get to shoot once or twice per fight I might as well make those shots count.


One Response to “Jump. Pray. Lag.”

  1. What can I say, it was my second or third large fleet fight since being in game and every single one has been a lag nightmare from start to finish. I don’t honestly know how people have enough fun during these to warrant continuing to play the game. At least the way it’s done now. That said, this was the most enjoyable of them so far. I actually got to solo one executioner, (no big feat at all really) but I had to learn how to cycle guns on the fly. So that was good, plus my crusader lasted a hell of a lot longer than I imagined it would (4+ hours). Was finally killed by lag primarily and 3 dramiels secondary. Guess good tackling will finally get you marked for death in the end. Still, good trade off for the experience. Although it’s almost not worth flying anything other than tackle in fights like that. Get your shit together ccp or this game won’t last much longer except for the carebears in Jita.

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