Home Field Advantage :: The Battle of C3N (Part One)

Earlier this week, when 2 DICE CSAA were put in danger with a U.S. prime-time reinforcement timer (on Saturday night no less), the groundwork for a large-scale battle in Delve was put into place.

Before getting into my account of the fight, a little background:

Goonswarm and TEST have recently felt emboldened by their early victories over IT-friendly residents in Fountain. Engaging Goons/Test/WI/etc in U.S. prime has so far been treated as low-priority (much to the chagrin of DARK CEO Mitch Taylor) in comparison to the campaign to support Initiative.

Goons see the renaissance of AAA as a chance to trigger a failure cascade in IT. The Mittani has played though these events many times before (on both sides of the collapse) and would be a fool to pass up this opportunity to rally his alliance if there is even a small chance of something big happening. Nevertheless, though IT certainly has issues, I have a strong sense that the external perception of the alliance’s stability is greatly distorted currently.

IT has always had a relatively weak U.S. time-zone (compared to our enemies) due to most IT corps being strongly Euro-heavy with U.S. players that are used to playing on a schedule to match official IT ops (which typically occur after downtime).

Some Maverick FCs have been slowly expanding their role in running “official” alliance ops in the U.S. time-zone with mixed success, but it’s difficult to consistently succeed out-numbered when you’re operating in an “empire building” alliance rather than an “elite nomadic mercenary” alliance.

Despite our time-zone gap, the equation significantly changes for critical battles. IT members rally when attacked at home, and are always willing to alarm-clock diligently when needed for home defense.

That said, I will proceed with my account of tonight’s battle:

In a highly anticipated battle involving numerous alliances on each side, IT and IT’s allies won the first round in the battle of C3N.

The fight was very large, with local peaking over 1600. IT alliance held the home field and prepared with carriers, supercarriers and titans. The immense lag was a problem for both sides as weapons were slow and logistics even slower.

The Anti-IT forces focused on the tower the entire fight (barring some light support skirmishes) and were slowly killed at first. As their numbers dropped lag was reduced and the slaughter commenced. Our Titans had been doomsdaying battleships non-stop and hundreds of fighters were swarming on the enemy. We had a strong sub-cap fleet as well.

The attack failed and – being slightly late to the battle in a humble interceptor – I didn’t load until the hostiles had given up and started to run. Self destruct notifications were numerous and the remaninging ships warped to various gates (all of which were bubbled). A few logged off, but the general sense I got was that most wanted to die and respawn so they could come back later.

I caught a few people on a gate and they were quickly melted by our support.

With most kills posted via API feed, this is the current result from IT’s perspective (340 KILLED | 12 LOST) —

KB Link: http://www.killboard.it/?a=kill_related&kll_id=228552

As a note, that board won’t show non-IT losses, and the one carrier kill is essentially a double-counted mail showing as both a kill and a loss. Losses were not high for any blues involved, as the hostiles were relentless in focusing fire on the tower.

Goons had told their members it was Lady Scarlet’s titan, a super carrier intended for Molle’s wife and various other things. My understanding is that this is actually the super DICE is giving away in the IT alliance x-mas lottery, but I can’t be absolutely sure of that.

Stay tuned for part two, later today, when the next timer is up. All signs point to the hostiles regrouping and coming back for more. However, as it’s a timer much later in our prime, it will be difficult for them to match the numbers they brought in round one.


7 Responses to “Home Field Advantage :: The Battle of C3N (Part One)”

  1. As an update, here is a report including the skirmishes and bombing runs in adjacent systems: http://www.killboard.it/?a=kill_related&adjacent&kll_id=228740

    476 Ships killed (37.94B ISK)
    18 Ships lost (3.72B ISK)

  2. IT showed that we can and will drop the hammer on the reds I was in my caldari carrier helping rep the tower and got on 4 kill mails.I had attacked and screen shot 15 or so reds.I guess lag screwed me out of the rest.PK is
    red hunter you reds better watch out for him if he is in local.HAHA

    great job PK

  3. Lets face it CCP won the battle more than you guys did. If the lag was better our numbers would have steamrolled you and you would have lost more than 2 carriers. Mad props for keeping the doomsdays going given the lag, that was about the only way anyone was getting any kills.

  4. Home field advantage includes staging caps / super-caps in a jammed system whenever possible. Sov defense 101.

    We’ve had to face that ourselves over the years in fights all over the map, and so has every other alliance who has launched a serious invasion before.

    As for the lag working in our favor, if we had all our carriers + super carriers repping the tower in a lagless environment then the tower would have been saved extremely quickly. Especially if you had focused on killing carriers instead of shooting the tower.

    I don’t deny that you could have bagged more carriers in that scenario, but we would have repped the tower extremely fast with 100 carriers in triage + 30 SC. Don’t forget all the scimitars too.

    A fully-fit carrier loss is equivalent to about 10 maelstroms with current prices. I don’t think the k/d would have been in your favor with 300+ losses on your side even if you popped a dozen more carriers TBH.

    Also, don’t forget that our BS fleet wouldn’t be sitting around just watching you shoot carriers, you would lose your highest dps ships fast as there is no way to rep through the alpha of that many maelstroms on-field. The highest dps you could have put out was right at the outset when the fleet was intact, it would drop quickly as your ships exploded.

    Our alliance provides reimbursement on carriers + insurance payout. Not much of a hit to the individual player.

    Anyway, considering you’re in WIdot and part of the NC I don’t think you can complain about lag affecting the outcome of a battle.

    This was a reinforced node and we had petitioned ahead of time (we said 500 v 500 was the number expected). It was a bigger fight than expected and the game held up pretty well for the numbers that actually showed up.

  5. Pretty accurate read.

    One thing I have to contend with though, the gate north into QY1E was never bubbled. (A couple small drag bubbles was it).

    I was able to exit system and reship twice in the NPC stations 10~ jumps out through that gate with no hostile resistance. I saw plenty of blues doing the same thing, including DBRB.

    • Thanks for commenting.

      I was there rather late, so I can’t vouch for the status of the gates during the early parts of the brawl, but after retreat was sounded by anti-IT forces we were pretty good about locking the system down. We caught quite a few on the way out and then formed up a long-term camp.

      We actually camped all night through downtime all the way up until the next timer. There were something like 40-50 kills after the fight up until the next timer, mostly drakes.

      It seems there were MANY people who had logged during the fight and tried to escape later. We were tackling hostiles as they logged in at the POS as well as on gates.

      Also, nice Gravatar 😛

  6. […] clear that so far the hostiles have yet to meet with a serious setback since they over-reached by attacking C3N. Despite their momentum, our ninja SBU deployments have been at least a moderate nuisance, and we […]

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