Counter-Terrorists Win :: Battle of C3N (Part Two)

After last night’s victory, IT members camped the C3N system around the clock. We had half a dozen bubbles on every gate, and there were even bubbles anchored with cloaked tacklers at planets and at the POS where the battle had taken place.

There was a non-stop flow of hostiles logging into system and dieing, one by one, as if they had no way to warn their friends. Perhaps they simply wanted a quick ride home.

For as late as I could stay awake, I warped from gate to gate killing drakes and other miscellaneous fleet ships from TEST, Goons, AAA, Stain Empire and even ex-Providence NIP alliances (who are the newest allies of AAA against Initiative). The rate of pilots logging into system was very high and we were continually warping from place to place to support gate tacklers.

This continued until the second CSAA was saved later in the day. I fell asleep a couple hours before that timer, but the hostiles were too demoralized to show up. The killing of small hostile gangs attempting to break out of the system continued all day.


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