The War of Wills :: Impass, Catch & Beyond

Background Information

-A- with help from an unlikely alliance of long-time friends based in Stain and the “we’re too cool to be the NC (but we really are)” crew have been working hard to punish Init for over-extending itself and – above all – for helping PL wipe AAA off the map in much the same way Atlas had fallen not long before.

The facts of who betrayed who are disputed, but I don’t have much sympathy for -A- after their lackluster performance as allies to IT, and their general shitty attitude towards Atlas & Initiative. They were always a bit too smug and hard to work with, but without them Atlas would likely never have made it in Omist (from which an epic campaign began), so I cannot fall them unimportant to the development of the South over the last year.

In 2009 -A- was one of the “big three” down south (along with IT and Atlas), and before Max 2 a tentative partnership that the NC was quick to equate (incorrecly) with their own “coaliton” looked poised to challenge the unprecedented nap-fest up North. We all know how that turned out. IT couldn’t coordinate with -A- and Atlas, Atlas was not motivated in the first place, and -A- showed late then left early.

Since then, two of the “big three” have been cut down. In Atlas’s case, the corps who were in the alliance at the time have abandoned the namesake and moved on. -A- has taken a very different path.

The kind of 0.0 alliance that can exist long-term in the current 0.0 world is one that doesn’t mind fighting to regain lost space or collapsing down to a smaller core of players and then growing resurgent for a long fight. I admire and have respect for the current members of -A- in this regard.

The War of Wills

-A- had early successes in this campaign, but the momentum has swung heavily in Init’s favor recently. I do not believe that Init can or should hold the entirety of its current space for a long time without making some compromises, but so far they have shown no indications of being worn down.

The battles have been raging daily with SBUs going up all over the place only to be shot down. Small gangs are made and lost time and again. What is really being tested here is the willpower of the two involved coalitions.

Many predicted Init or IT would give up easily. Those people don’t understand how boring it is for us without a major campaign. Catch has not only revitalized -A-, it has been a shot in the arm for everyone involved.

IT’s Syndicate / Cloud ring campaign was a snooze-fest, we took moons mostly unopposed and fighting NCdot in Fountain was really more of learning experience for our U.S. timezone, while the E.U. timezone had unbeatable numerical superiority and could win any battle timed for their prime coverage.

With that said, this entry is more or less just an excuse to post some pretty screen-shots of IT, Init and some new allies (most notably M. Pire as of this week) getting what needs to be done accomplished.

Images from the Front Lines

Be sure to check out the images (other than the map)!


4 Responses to “The War of Wills :: Impass, Catch & Beyond”

  1. Oh god, the compression. The horrible, horrible compression.

    For the curious, here is the final version of that map in glorious, uncompressed full resolution:

    And again, after atlas/AAA died:

  2. […] The NC that repelled -A-, IT, ROL, Atlas, Init and others in MAX 2.0 is just as large today as it was then. I believe it has actually grown in membership among guests who see the North as a safe-haven and impenetrable fortress (despite PL’s successes to the contrary). In contrast with Northern “BFFs,” IT has lost -A- & ROL as allies, while Atlas has partially merged into Initiative Mercenaries without retaining its former impressive participation levels in CTAs. It doesn’t help that those aforementioned alliances are tied up fighting each other down south. […]

  3. Спасибо, очень интересная заметка.

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