The year is 2260, the place: Babylon 5

Tonight we formed up our regular U.S. timezone sniper-HAC roam as usual. PK and Cardking were co-FCing while I scouted. When the fleet advert went up we were joined by members from other corps (primarily STK tonight). We also had some blues in fleet from Nulli Secunda, an alliance many -MVN- FCs are fond of.

Our standard procedure is to look for hostile fleets close to home before we roam abroad, and tonight a fairly juicy fleet of hostile low-sec residents were conducting an operation in Querious. Their composition and size made them ideal targets. We didn’t know exactly what they were up to at first, but en-route it was discovered that they were in the midst of an assault on one of Babylon 5’s new home systems.

We had at our disposal a formidable gang of snipe HACs with adequate support from tacklers and scimitars, so we burnt across Fountain and Delve quickly, hoping that the hostiles could be made to fight. To our great delight, the hostiles formed up on our in-gate and waited for us to jump once their forward scouts saw us moving through nearby systems.

Whether by mistake or out of hubris, their crane jumped into us soon after we landed. After checking the hauler wreck for goodies, we proceeded to jump into the enemy. With superior speed our agile HACs were not in danger of being held at close range to the mixed gang of BS and BCs. We were able to clear the hostile support as we burnt away and quickly things started to feel one-sided.

One surprise was the large number of bombers that we only discovered after jumping in. In the end we would kill 19 bombers before the fight ended. Unlike the armor BS with logi support, the bombers died almost instantly when locked by snipe-hacs. The bombers were all sitting uncloaked and being flown like drakes. No bombs were deployed and the bombers did not attempt to warp off. As I said, they were flown much like drakes, simply aligned off and firing missiles.

The hostile fleet had all sorts of mixed tanks, possibly because of the various alliances involved. Of several Ravens we killed, only 1 was armor tanked, despite the fact that they had 6 guardians and 1 Onerios but zero shield logistics.

Some of their armor tanked BS were slow to die because we were at long-range for far too long in the fight. At one point we warped off to re-position closer, prompting the hostiles to throw “GFs” in local, only to be re-engaged seconds later. I think they were a little disorganized and it showed in the ultimate results — 64 Kills / 9 Losses

That report is somewhat deceptive because their fleet was war larger than it appears. That’s because many BS were able to get off-field at one point and all of their logistics got out. However, the fight didn’t stop here!

After the fight, they warped all their remaining ships to a POS with no anchored mods and logged in 2 carriers. The POS was at 45% shield and we were able to get a password for the shields. We started bumping and put up a bubble but, due to poor placement the caps were able to jump out. The enemy seeing their ships being bumped RESET THE PASSWORD. And this flung the entire remaining fleet out into space. We tackled a few and killed them, the rest were nowhere to be found.

Since we were already on field we cyno’d in some caps and killed the POS (no stront!) & TCU that was also on-grid with the POS. We also killed the SBUs in system.

Thus a snipe HAC roam turned into a productive alliance OP that was helpful to our blues in Querious. The only way it could have gone better is if we had held those carriers down.


3 Responses to “The year is 2260, the place: Babylon 5”

  1. Titus Loken Says:

    One mistake I spotted ET, some bombers did launch bombs. After dying I returned and sat on grid 200km out and saw qite a few. For some reason, they all appeared to be void bombs and the majority missed by miles, wtf where they thinking? I have no idea.

    • I didn’t notice bombs, but it makes sense hearing that now because I was capped out a bit mysteriously at one point.

      • Titus Loken Says:

        It wasn’t any sort of organized bombing run or anything, just bombers orbitting people launching torps and randomly letting off bombs.

        Quite an odd fleet composition and shitty FC’ing – kinda reminds me of my Sylph days 🙂

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