Chronic Issues Persist — Major IT CTA Is A Failure

Today we had a major CTA scheduled that was originally posted by Molle. This is something that hasn’t happened in a while, and historically Molle’s participation inspires more people to log-in than FCs they are unfamiliar with. Many predicted that this could be a turning point in the rather bleak Fountain campaign.

Molle did not end up making an appearance today, at least not on any character I recognized from his rather large stable of alts. Regardless of Molle’s presence, fleets had been running since yesterday, and we had an unexpected Titan kill just after down time. All signs pointed to a big turn-out tonight.

When it came time to form-up, participation in U.S. timezone was decent, but not great. IT + allies mustered between 400 and 500 of the 1400+ in local. With 900 hostiles in system and more camping various nearby systems, we were once again at a decisive numerical disadvantage.

KB Link –

Well we ended up fighting briefly before warping off-field to a shared pos where the password was given to Fountain allies (and therefore our enemies as well via spies).

The DC/NC fleet warped right in with us to try to bowl people out. The supers landed first then various hostile fleets started warping in. Some were inside trying to bump people out while others sat at range.

The hostiles were begging us to fight back, both in local chat and by coming to our armed POS. They even went so far as to leave a single titan sitting outside the shields while tanking all the guns in an attempt to encourage us to engage them.

We absconded with half of our sub-caps through one of the gates, and the others left in system retreated safely via titan bridge. Our staging system was briefly camped after this operation and SBUs were put online in various systems both both sides. Most notably, 6VDT was successfully SBU’d and station services were temporarily incapacitated.

Goons also deployed some SBUs in Delve, presumably to serve as a distraction from PNQY. The Delve SBUs were killed before coming online.

What Went Wrong Today?

We were plagued in 6VDT by some of the same issues that have contributed to our other defeats in this campaign.

There has been a great deal of discussion about our target-calling in particular, which many find to be slow and/or illogical. Others have continued to question the utility of our Apocs & Drakes versus alternatives like Scorpions for those who cannot bring an arty-Maelstrom, which is the weapon of choice for both sides in this war.

Above all, when you look at the alliances involved in this war, the numbers simply don’t work in our favor. To beat a larger foe you need superior morale or superior tactics. We have neither, and that is why we are losing this war.

The NC and “DC” coalition have many more people to draw from, and there are have been several new corps & alliances signing up help them in Fountain since this campaign began. Many of those new friends have plans to live here if it is conquered, so their motivation is rather strong.

As always, Goons and those similar to them (especially Test) do a much better job drawing in support from outsiders than BoB/IT, which doesn’t have much in the way of public relations or cultural propaganda these days. We don’t even release PvP videos anymore, and external forums posting by IT members is very limited because most corps have policies against it.


8 Responses to “Chronic Issues Persist — Major IT CTA Is A Failure”

  1. Haha fuck you IT you horrible pieces of shit. I am coming to rape Fountain and then Delve.

    • You guys have earned it so far, no argument here. I didn’t intend the title of this post to be interpreted ironically; we’ve been playing below our potential to say the least.

      However, if you want to say “fuck you” to IT in a comment then I won’t delete it or anything, but you should know this isn’t exactly an alliance morale blog.

      If you think I’m a shitty pilot that’s one thing, but I’d rather this blog not be filled up with random smug posting whenever IT does something retarded.

      So if you want to comment on the content of my entries or tell me I’m a shit player go ahead, but please spare me the rage tweets.

  2. Dr Cheeto Says:

    Didn’t want that region anyhow.

  3. In my view the best chance you guys had to thwart the goonies was the big fight for PNQY. Why you decided to show up in armour hacs even though goonies+TEST had been in fountain for a couple weeks beforehand with their maelstrom fleet I will never understand.

    Oh well I just finished evaccing my stuff out of Fountain and my alliance (BLADE) probably won’t last through the month with all the drama. Take down some goonies for me.

    • I am not certain to this day why Helfix wanted A-HACs for that OP either, but it’s worth noting that PNQY final timer was the first OP that the alliance ordered people to move out of GE- and back up to fountain for.

      We moved people for 24 hours straight but still way too many people were in Delve when the OP started (or came late) and never made it there for the decisive fighting.

      Props to you guys for sticking it out as long as you did in Fountain. Blast/Blade/Talos/Hun/Etc get alot of criticism but if you put NC guests in the same position they wouldn’t have done any better against IT + Init without help from the larger sov-holders, so I think it was an impossible situation for you guys.

  4. Footballer Says:

    Good post, however IT is basically getting back what it has done to most if not all of eve.
    I still laugh when I’d hear of IT deploying on a campaign when really all they were doing was dog piling in on some other alliance to basically bowl them over and call the campaign a win. Even further, I laugh when IT now complains of being blobbed when they almost always use this tactic.

    IT would not of been in this situation if they hadn’t of deployed to catch to help out what now seems to be a pet who cant do much without it’s master.

    At this point I’d just hope that the south doesn’t decide to pay you guys a visit.

    Either way good luck.

    • IT did dog-pile on AAA, but I don’t think you can say “for all of IT’s history” this has been the only way we fight wars.

      Just like AAA is trying to re-take Catch, IT had to re-take Fountain from PL after losing all its space. This was our period of highest activity and it looks like AAA has been similarly revitalized by its eviction.

      And honestly, was AAA being removed really that bad? Around that time, most of Eve was repeating “AAA is shit” as a meme because their former power had completely disappeared and participation was low. You guys were not that active at this time.

      I think that the death of AAA has renewed their purpose (taking back their space) and they should be grateful. IT and AAA have had their highest participation when taking back former space.

      The South has always been a violent place and Atlas, AAA & IT didn’t pretend to like each other as the NC does. After Max 2 everyone involved blamed each other and reset standings. We could have become a Southern Coalition on a permanant basis (and would have saved Atlas + AAA) but that simply wasn’t what we all wanted back then.

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