Making IT Green (the killboard that is)

I tip my hat to PK for leading another great roam yesterday. I also should give credit to Card, Kel’T, Curt and everyone else who helped engineer great fights (and more than a few juicy ganks).

I caught up with them a bit late, at the tail-end of a fight with a mixed DC/NC gang. Luckily that was only the beginning of a great night.

Recently there has been some (admittedly silly) competitiveness in IT alliance between dedicated bomber / cloaking camper FCs and the more roaming-centric FCs in -MVN- over who gets the most done in the U.S. timezone. The measure of who does the best job each day is how green the  kill-board looks during U.S. timezone operations.

Yesterday, the roamers ran-away with it:

During our travels we hit sov-related targets, anchored SBUs all over the place, and generally accomplished alliance goals WITHOUT forcing people to do an excessive amount of boring shit or die stupidly for no real purpose.

The highlight of tonight’s roam was the pair of NC carriers we killed in Fade. The Archon bounced off-station and was bumped so far that his friend in a thanatos had to burn out of dock range to rep him. The other 3 carriers were smart enough not to follow him.

On a personal note, Wayfarer Stellar Initiative members seem to be a bit over-the-top when it comes to local smack, and I will confess that I was happy these were their carriers that exploded in particular.

There were numerous kills in-transit home, and we got a couple legitimate fights, but most of the gangs we wanted to play with would safe-up after we popped their scout. A few more loads of SBUs went up in various systems and we called it a night.

One nice thing about Fountain these days is that there are often 3-4 hostile gangs roaming at the same time. There is no lack of hostiles to play with.


5 Responses to “Making IT Green (the killboard that is)”

  1. Lol, that Thanny pilot is someone I met very early into my EVE life. Love the blog mate, keep it up.

  2. Anonymous TESTie Says:

    Was a good fight, definitely the most fun I’ve had in eve for a while. My Mael was getting yellowboxed by one of your Erebus, but I managed to warp out jsut as he finished targeting. Then I got back on field and was called primary JUST as I’d got clear of the bubble and was aligning out… Made it out with 63% structure. 😀

    Please get some more AUTZ fights happening, or I tend to miss them all.

    Damn having a real life. 😦

  3. Anonymous TESTie Says:

    One of the most fun fights I’ve had in a while. Yellowboxed by one of your Erebus, but managed to warp out as he finished targeting. Managed to get back on field and align out when I see a million fucking Mael’s and Apocs targeting me. Clear of the bubble and…. WARP WARP WARP. Warp out like a boss with 63% structure left.

    You guys don’t seem to want this war though. Come and fight sometime, please? AUTZ preferably, or I miss all the fun. 😛

    • Thanks for the comment (although I think you meant to post on the more recent entry). We do enjoy fights like Z3, particularly because numbers were roughly equal. When it’s suicide to fight back seriously (for example: by dropping capitals on a much larger blob) it just isn’t as much fun.

      If Dek Co (GSF + Test + WI + Gentleman’s + BDEAL) were fighting us with no risk of other NC alliances intervening I can guarantee we’d go all-out every time but that just isn’t the reality we face.

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