The Battle of Z3 :: A Limited Account

Let me preface this report with a brief disclaimer. I was very tired during this OP (which started at 3 AM my time) and I had to leave early, as I was nodding off at the keyboard. I am by no-means claiming that this is a full report of the various engagements that occurred after down-time.

With that said, allow me to set the stage. Z3 is an important system for IT Alliance because it is the site of a jump bridge that helps us move between our staging system in 6VDT and Delve.

Forming up on the bridge titan in 6v in my Maelstrom, I waited for the green light to enter system. With “E” being towards the front of the alphabet, BS are always something of a coffin for me in large fights. Fortunately, IT Alliance has a very generous reimbursement program currently.

We had bridged-in our own two fleets right on the i-hub with caps, supers and BS positioned at various distances. Since our objective was to save this i-hub, they would have to come to us or we would simply use our carriers + SCs to rep the hub in a short order. Just as we started repairing the i-hub, hostiles entered system.

We had a quick skirmish at the i-hub itself with their sub-cap fleet. The hostiles could not match the firepower of our similar-sized BS fleet due to the fact that we had supers on-field.

The Hostiles escalated the fight by bridging in caps at their staging POS, which we had hit earlier in the evening in anticipation of this fight. We warped in our sub-cap fleet to the cyno first and capitals followed to their pos shortly after. I was one of the very first Maelstroms to be focused by hostile BS, and I died after literally only shooting at one enemy BS.

I was able to slip my pod away to reship quickly. After returning, I warped back in and started working on enemy BS. The fight was going very well for us by this point.

With superior numbers of super-caps on field the enemy retreated all their capitals into the shield. However, two super carriers were still not safe when the call came to primary an Aeon.

The GSF super-carrier dropped fairly quickly into half armor where he seemed to hover before diving into structure. Once in structure, he melted almost instantly.  My maelstrom was avenged, huzzah!

With nothing left outside shield to shoot, I went around to the hostile BS wrecks and collected a set of T2 artillery for my next Maelstrom. It was a little hard as many of them only had named guns, but I eventually gathered a full set of guns and a few thousand faction large ammo.

Suddenly, the hostile fleet made its move. They all warped to a gate and left system. We were informed of 100 hostile reinforcements nearby, and my presumption is that they decided to regroup.

The important victory in Z3 along with the Aeon kill put me in a rather good mood, especially since the pilot was making remarks like this a couple weeks ago:

With my eyes feeling heavier than the large rounds of republic fleet depleted uranium in my cargo hold, I bridged myself back to 6VDT and docked before falling asleep.  I suppose I might be guilty of quitting while I was ahead this time, but it felt pretty good to doze off.

What happened later that night? Anything I tell you about events beyond the time I left system will be second hand, so I suggest reading a more comprehensive battle report if interested.


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