Supercap Brawl in Z3 (again) :: This Time We Lost

The fighting in Z3 had just wrapped up at the time I started writing this. Having stayed up until 7 am to fight in this god-forsaken post-downtime war, I was  unable to finish my entry at that time.

Fortunately, this gave the boards enough time to pull from every corp’s API and ensured I now have a full account of kills and losses.

On a side note, IT’s kill-board may not instantly reflect losses right after they happen in-game, but they do get fed via director API from each corp so I really wonder why I see so many “IT NEVER POSTS LOSSES” local comments.

The reality is not everyone rushes to the board to post their own mails because they know they get pulled automatically. The same thing happens with kills (annoyingly) and I often have to wait to see a mail I’m on automatically get fed. But I digress…

This time things started out smoothly for IT with some sub-cap brawls where we appeared to pop more of them than they did of us.

Whenever we have reasonably close numbers in these major battles we opt to fight. If it’s hopeless it may not happen, or we may restrict the fighting to sub-caps only, but we would prefer to fight back and not sit on our hands whenever possible.

When the enemy bridged in capitals, we took the fight head-on and threw our own cap fleet (including supers) into the mix. Additional hostile caps cyno’d in on-grid moments later and warped down to join the fray.

The fighting dragged on for what seemed like a long time. Lag has a way of making everything seem tedious. Modules were reliable one moment and stuck the next.

I was in a light tackler this time and I buzzed around tackling ships outside the bubbles who looked like they were being shot, primarily carriers since dreads were in seige and supers are invulnerable.

I also locked up a couple targets of opportunity for me to engage solo but sadly my autocannons would not cycle on quality kills like this one:

The final result of this battle was not good for us, we ended up losing 2 titans and 2 super-carriers along with 24 non-super caps in exchange for 1 super carrier and 30 non-super capitals killed.

When we had all the hostile bubbles cleared we called for all supers to jump out. Some pilots had issues due to the patch’s change to capital navigation but we got the lion’s share of caps and super-caps off field successfully.

Losing 4 supers would not hit the corps who lost them very hard under normal conditions. The alliance heavily reimburses supers, and most corps have the means to help pilots replace supers. What is more disturbing is the impact on participation and morale this may have.

In this battle, two IT corps literally bought ONE PERSON. Two other corps brought NO SUPERS. It is not hard to see how we’ve been hamstrung by internal issues. Especially when you consider that the corp in charge of a key portion of Fountain bailed at the outset of this campaign when we were helping Initiative.

The alliance cannot exist for long if some corps are holding back when we go all-in. It’s as simple as that. Everyone who has good intel knows what this alliance is capable of deploying and we haven’t seen anything close in far too long.

Finally, as many have stated the reinforcement fleet from the “real NC” made the difference today. Dek Co is growing all the time with new allies from former providence holders, former-NC and everything in between.

Behind their well-motivated coalition that already feels like the war is a foregone conclusion is the “Real NC” that – while perhaps lazy – can bring serious firepower when needed.

Their last defeat showed them they needed broader NC help to ensure victory in a super-cap brawl, and this time it swung the other way. Looking at the titans who made it into the fight, you can see MM/RZR/ME made up 11 of 14 with Goons only fielding 3.

As for the tactical significance of Z3, the bridges to Delve don’t impact pilots deployed or with jump clones in 6VDT much at all. It may have an impact on the safety of logistics from Delve as well as “last minute” stragglers flying up for ops.

On a personal note – I wish I had whore’d onto some super kills! I didn’t get on the hostile Nyx (or any friendly super kills) because I was going after things that were not tackled. Also, my guns were stuck most of the time.


5 Responses to “Supercap Brawl in Z3 (again) :: This Time We Lost”

  1. Oh and I forgot to mention, on the way out we had another sub-cap scrap next door. We did pretty well there:

  2. Hey bro I look forward to some fights on your side 🙂 If in local i’ll wave, looking forward to good moments to come. OH BTW i check your KB and I see 2 Titan kills AND 2 Titan losses..fair trade in my book.

    Good hunting bro, hope to see you in your neck of the woods soon

    ~Manasi from SYS-K

    • The kills are from friendly fire on the 2 IT titans we lost. Not enemy titans, unfortunately.

      But thanks for the kind wishes, I’ll see you out there on the field.

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  4. […] to a couple weeks ago. It’s the battle for Z3 (part 2 from my perspective, but there were other fights here as well). We’re going all-in with supers on field for the […]

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