Character Portrait Update :: Easley 2.0

I will eventually publish my thoughts on the current situation in IT Alliance, as well as some comments about the major military implications attached to the current NC/DekCo coalition operation in 6VDT.

I am holding off for the moment, for a variety of reasons.

In the interim, I thought I would blog about something else that has been on my mind: character design.

As a whole, I’m rather pleased with CCP’s upgrade to portrait-creation. I’ve seen many creative designs, from disturbing to beautiful, and those who put in the time can create some really unique appearances.

I particularly enjoy the celebrity impersonators. Someone generated a spot-on Conan O’Brien, and more are being posted on a daily basis.

I have heard that ambulation will allow even more tweaking and customization, including accessories and tattoos. While I am not keen on paying with PLEXes for anything cosmetic, I look forward to seeing what bored empire-bears come up with while hiding in station during war-decs.

Let me give a shout out to Nibble Tek to thank them for their awesome comparison tool. You can view your old “before and after” using this link (add your character name to the end) —

Here is my own personal upgrade:

The new version looks quite a bit more like what I had in mind with the original Easley Thames.

Incidentally, I’ve never blogged about the topic of designing or  naming my own character. I’m going to take the opportunity to indulge myself since the topic is at least somewhat germane to the rest of this post.

When I started Eve, Easley Thames was literally the first character I made. I wanted to get over the naming process quickly, but I also wanted to avoid choosing something comical because I knew it would get tired eventually. For this reason I went with a firstname/lastname combination.

I decided to take the first name from a villain in the Claymore universe. This character’s name is probably better written in English as “Isley” upon reflection, but I went with the translation I had seen at that time.

Claymore is a monthly seinen manga in Japan that was given a badly-planned, but still surprisingly enjoyable, single season as an anime.

Though my character doesn’t look like the “silver haired king” of Claymore, the spirit of the character is more of what I wanted to pay homage to  in a pvp-oriented pilot. Much like the way I approach 0.0 politics, Isley/Easley of Claymore believes that strength should determine who rules and who dies.

Easley (of Claymore) in Human Form

Easley/Isley of Claymore is a character I would have loved to see get more development in the Manga, but long after I named my Eve character his namesake was defeated in a way that was almost universally unpopular with fans. Since this is not an Anime blog, I will not digress any further.

The “Thames” surname simply sounded appropriate at that time, and I have always like the idea of using real-life locations. The Thames river has a very storied history of warfare going back quite a ways.

In all honesty, my character design (especially after updating) looks more like Fan Hyulick from Tytania than Easley/Isley from Claymore, and I don’t live near the River Thames.

Admiral Fan Hyulick

So then, where’s the sense in this name?

I have always felt that gaming (as an activity in general) is more about playing a role in-game that is outside your every day life. So I find it only natural that ET should be different from myself.

After all, being yourself is free (and usually much less laggy) – so why pay for that?


2 Responses to “Character Portrait Update :: Easley 2.0”

  1. Why don’t you want to comment on the 6VDT situation?

    • As for the camp, I’ve been too busy to play much this week. I don’t usually post about things I haven’t experienced first-hand.

      There are a couple posts in queue at this point that are either unfinished or not appropriate for this particular moment. Some are about recent some events and some take a longer view about game development in Eve.

      I had wanted to do a “character” entry for a while, and now seemed like as good a time as any.

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