What is the State of Our Union?

Along with Obama, Mittani and Molle recently delivered important speeches regarding the status of their (internet spaceship) nation-states.

I think the difference between these two events reflects very well the current situation in Fountain.

To avoid any confusion, I caught both of these speeches after-the-fact via recordings (which are linked later in this post for reference).

Sir Molle addressed his remarks to IT alone, and was informal in discussing the current situation. He didn’t have a drafted speech, choosing only to repeat a few simple message: (1) we’re not running, (2) get your stuff back to Fountain, (3) allies are coming to help, (4) you don’t need to worry about what is said on forums, just listen to you CEO.

When Molle finished speaking, a Q & A session occurred where Molle growled at people for wanting to hear updates about their own alliance on a regular basis, instead of having to read about our issues from spies posting on Kugu.

I think the propensity to censor each other is one of the worst qualities of the “Old BoB” corps that was passed on to IT, and even the alliance’s U.S. timezone hero has recently caught significant flak for a less than optimistic blog post.

Our supreme leader seemed on edge, and when asked for clarification on various rumors, Molle responded with a Orwellian mantra: “if it didn’t come from your CEO, then it is BS!” At times, it honestly sounded like I was listening to children being scolded.

However, as a result of Molle making an appearance, people who had been quietly moving assets appeared to halt and reverse their clandestine evacuations. With a single speech, countless people could be seen in capitals jumping back to 6VDT.

It’s a real testament to how important Molle is to this alliance, and how much of an impact he can have when he wants to. Everyone was still unsure about the future, but the sheer panic of a full-on cascade was forestalled.

Unfortunately, jumping assets back to 6VDT worsened the situation for some members when the “cluster fuck” coalition and NC (if indeed one can make such a distinction) showed up to camp us.

Addressing a coalition of alliances including GSF, TEST and WIdot among others, The Mittani seemingly had drafted part of his remarks ahead of time. With little to add, Montolio and Tomcat briefly spoke in succession.

The Mittani’s message was simple: (1) IT is falling apart, (2) IT is evacuating, (3) Molle’s speech was degrading to his own members, and… (4) we’re going RIGHT NOW to go take 6VDT and hold it for several days 23/7.

In contrast with the Molle Q & A, this was not a discussion, it was a call to action that dove-tailed with a major coalition-wide combat operation.

When Mittens stopped speaking, a guy named after an anime character from the (truly awful) “Gundam 00” series formed up a fleet to immediately capitalize on the emotion and begin the camp of 6VDT.

Gathering the membership, delivering a rousing speech founded on REVEALING information rather than concealing it, and then channeling momentum it into an active fleet – I have to admire the effectiveness.

Apparently the "Anime is Cartoons" Meme Ended With Kenzoku

As for Bring Stabity? He must be from Rho squad with a name like that. Or is that not the ADTRW-posting otaku brigade squad? I never could keep them straight.

Regardless, the 6VDT camp has been effective so far. Most people who were docked have jump cloned, and those logged at a POS were largely able to get out, but some remain trapped.

We have not mustered significant forces to retake the system and – though people are still staging assets in Fountain – unease is slowly creeping back in.

Molle delayed an imminent collapse, and wisely made an effort to turn the tide by summoning allies for an all-or-nothing push to defend Fountain. I am sure he senses that this is a potential tipping point in the war.

However, we have not seen many major battles, as the numbers are still not there to do anything. I cannot help but believe that if Molle could play regularly, and lead from the front as he has done many times in that past, that our participation would surge again.

In the meantime, 6VDT remains very red. Unless people log-in and x-up with large numbers, it is only a matter of time until we are facing a Delve war again.

At a leadership level, the focus is currently on having fun and getting participation to increase. If we lose, we’d like to lose with a few good fights per station system, not quietly.

Everyone in IT can afford to lose some BS, and non-super caps are trivial to replace after alliance reimbursement. What we need is people to step up.

I think that we might as well USE the giant IT war chest while we still have sov. This is the most common sentiment I hear.

The Mittani picked the right moment to dial-up the offensive in Fountain. With corps leaving, things could not possibly be worse from the perspective of alliance morale. If given a month to recover, we might have repelled the initial push into 6VDT.

I cannot help but feel that Molle’s absence has been the cause of many of our problems. It isn’t all about corps leaving, though that is a related issue in my eyes. Much like Atlas, without our dictator things go to pot, but for entirely different reasons.

In Atlas, without Bobby there was no one willing or able to handle leadership. In IT, there are actually too many people who want to be in charge. It’s the opposite problem, but the results are very similar. We are paralyzed by innaction.

To their credit, the CEOs and FCs recognize the problem. We are trying to run ops and have been told not to stand down even if we don’t think we will win, if for no other reason but to get people active.

We are hoping to have fun for the remainder of this campaign, and most of us are holding out some level of hope for a hard-fought and memorable defense. However, I would be lying if I said I felt we had any notable advantages to rely upon at this time, and many operations have simply not come together at all.



20 Responses to “What is the State of Our Union?”

  1. You are a faggot, kill yourself

  2. This is much better analysis of the situation than any other website has given so far. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

  3. Low level grunt Says:

    Very well written article, being a part of the CF it’s nice to see you guys recognize that you have a problem. Part of your problem seems to be quite a few of your membership don’t care enough to educate themselves outside of what your CEOs and Molle say. At least something I’ve noticed from comments here and there across the different boards I visit.

    • I both disagree and agree in part.

      Molle’s way of doing things can and has worked. The problem is, when he isn’t around very much the equation changes.

      Other people need more freedom and access to information if he isn’t going to micromanage them.

      It’s one way or the other, mixing a hands-off approach with absolute control over information is counter-productive.

  4. Well written assessment from within…

  5. So it sounds like you guys have pretty much written off Fountain at this point. Hopefully you can pull it together before systems in Delve start falling. Goonies wrecked my alliance when they first invaded back in December and I’ve been waiting to see you guys kick them in the teeth. Sounds like I’ll be waiting a bit longer.

    • Those who decide things haven’t given up.

      It’s just not going very well when we form-up because turnout is low.

      We have also been fighting (once again) on a second front in Querious, as if we didn’t have enough problems in Fountain.

  6. TEST Poaster, Please Ignore Says:

    Just wanted to say two things:

    1. I very much enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading it for awhile now, and it’s consistently amongst the best written Eve blogs that I’m aware of.

    2. There was actually a Q&A at the Goonion speech, it just occured after the speeches during the initial 6VDT assault. We even had a special guest from IT alliance! It shouldn’t be hard to find (I’d post a link, but I’m on my phone).

    In any event, best wishes to you MVN guys (from the other side of the trenches); I have nothing but respect for you guys, and will continue to read both you and PK’s blogs quite avidly!

    • Titus Loken Says:

      I listened to the Q&A and quite enjoyed it. Argentina joining in could have ended with us all looking like idiots but he seemed to hold it together well.

      There is a massive difference in culture between us and Goons and Argentina highlighted it well. Your alliances pride yourselves on your equality and how well you work together, like one big alliance. IT on the other hand is an alliance of corporations, each with their own methods, leadership, ego’s and we pride ourselves on our relative independance.

      I enjoy the fights and go along to as many as I can, see you guys on the battlefield.

      • What you said about IT corps is very true. We do act like our own alliances at times. It’s a strength and a weakness depending on the circumstances.

        However, I think it’s important to remember that there has to be clear leadership from the top during a major campaign. If every corp CEO is making unilateral decisions then you run into major issues when it comes time for blob v. blob 0.0 style battles.

        I think our issue might have been one of federalism. The member corps should be in charge of their internal rules and have a limited role in alliance-wide decisions while a central government (ideally a dictator in Eve) consults with FCs to make most of the war-related decisions.

        Once CEOs are arguing over military strategy and holding back their capitals then your alliance is on shaky ground.

  7. Well written for sure, however in your opening statement you mentioned 3 speeches. Where is the run-down on Obama’s speech? 😛

  8. JimFromIT Says:


    What you are missing is that while strong (usually single point) leadership is necessary for success, that leadership must be based on consent and consensus.

    The problem IT had was a small group of private chat buddies took it on themselves to boss everyone else around, rudely shout down dissent and generally act way beyond the level of authority they had earned or been granted. That was why things fell apart (and their feeling of disgruntlement when not everyone toed their line).

    • I happen to agree with you almost 100%

      Truly democratic alliances have been weak, prone to drama, and slow to get anything. The most extreme examples are probably Majesta and BRUCE.

      A dictatorship is fine as long as the people believe in that person (and that – if they cease to believe in him – they can replace him when needed).

      We rarely see Molle anymore, and having FCs being the most visible leadership for the alliance WOULD be okay as a temporary stop-gap except for the fact that we had/have a council of CEOs actively undermining and trying to micromanage those FCs out of ego or ignorance.

      I think the dictator / president / whatever is critical during campaigns because it reduces the number of people “above” the generals/admirals to one single person. That’s why the U.S. Congress has almost no role in the conduct of wars, it’s all up to the president who meets with the head of each branch of the military.

      • Expanding on this. Mollle while the heart and soul of IT, is really hurting you guys with his long spurts of inactivity. He needs to make a choice. and soon, if IT is to survive.

        A) Return to full time leadership.
        B) Step down (shock) and name a strong leader in his stead who will take full control of the alliance with his blessing.

        The latter might shock IT to it’s core, but an inactive leader is a terrible liability.

  9. However, as a result of Molle making an appearance, people who had been quietly moving assets appeared to halt and reverse their clandestine evacuations. With a single speech, countless people could be seen in capitals jumping back to 6VDT.

    Wow that was a huge mistake.

    • Most people had 2-3 sub-caps and their capital in-station.

      Yesterday, when the camp ended, the trapped capitals/supers left taking any assets they could fit with them.

      It’s not exactly H-W or PR-, but I am sure some people got some sweet deals on drakes, maelstroms and shield apocs.

  10. Expanding on this. Mollle while the heart and soul of IT, is really hurting you guys with his long spurts of inactivity. He needs to make a choice. and soon, if IT is to survive.

    I’d say its too late. Hate to say it, but nothing is going on anymore as system after system falls. Molle went AFK with nothing to fill the vacuum his absence created. Not its too late with an invasion from two fronts. Back your bags ladies and gentlemen IT alliance is dead, IT just doesn’t realize it yet.

  11. I don’t know much about problems on the CEO / FC / command level (and would love to read something about it, as being part of BOB / IT was the largest part of my EVE life) – but:

    From a grunt’s perspective the fall of IT:

    – first step was when CCP decided to make Titan DD not an AOE weapon anymore.
    That singular change made it a numbers game, where the skill or the amount of supers is not that relevant – if you can bring 1000 to a system then you will be able to kill anything. This was shown in our Z30 cap slugfest when nothing was cycling, and you didn’t need to tackle a super because lag prevented jumping anyway. Or reps. Or anything.

    -thus:whoever has better diplomacy (friends that can boost numbers in system) wins. Our leadership failed in that respect. As someone have put it after the PNQ last timer defend – “we had good participation, and we had good participation from our allies. It’s just that Goons had better”.

    – Failed decision to kill Atlas / -A-. Were they crappy allies? Sure. Is the alliance better with them as our enemies, creating 2nd front? Don’t think so. There were so many posts on IT forums saying “they are weak, let’s kill them” “we are to leet to care about fail aliances” – well, I guess now those people are happy they are so leet

    – A belief that we are better than our enemies. With those things I saw in alliance fleets, lack of discipline, lack of skill, lack of standards basically – this was just fail. Instead of yelling at people for doing stupid things, or even kicking them from fleets – nothing. Noone was pushing to raise the standards.

    – Grunts not being informed on why they are fighting and what they are fighting for. Treating 30+ year olds as retarded kids is killing the morale, and helps nothing in the grand scheme of things as obviously there were spies on the command level (judging by the forum leaks). Knowing the cause helps the participation. Being treated like an adult who plays a game he pays for 20$/month and not someone pressed into service and forced to obey helps participation. And so on and so forth.

    – Also, own spin and propaganda should be there to help own morale. Stating “we are too elite to worry about that” is just fucking stupid. We had a CAOD ban (and looking at some of the IT posters the ban probably was for a reason) but I recall a statement on IT forums “we have our own forum warriors and we will deploy them when need arises”. Well, never saw any.

    From the grunts perspective there were some obvious leadership problems:

    – respected FCs not being there anymore (burned out? trolled once too many? who knows)

    – lack of strategic direction (Molle’s move to US maybe? CEO politics and egos blocking any action?)

    – Good corps leaving (hope someone more in the know will write something about that, I can only judge the problems here by what I read on Kugu – the leaked Klezz post).

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  13. Props

    Detailled and accurate write up – you deserve a medal for doing what no one else has been able or has wanted to do in prviding a true reflection of the current situation.

    always a blast fighting alongside you guys

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