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IT Alliance :: Administrative Shutdown In Effect

Posted in Alliance Leadership, IT Alliance on February 11, 2011 by Easley Thames

I have had some mails asking about whether IT is disbanding. I saw EN 24 posted something about this, so I just wanted to clarify what is actually going on.

RKK CEO Argentina announced to the alliance that February 10th would be the last day of “administrative functions” for IT Alliance until further notice.

While this sounds rather underwhelming, it’s an official declaration of some very serious changes:

1) The alliance will officially not be fighting for its remaining space.

While we haven’t had anything planned recently, this essentially does away with the uncertainty for some people who were still hoping to fight back. Roams are encouraged to pass the time.

2) Reimbursements are no longer offered for any ship losses.

This is only logical since there are no more official/reimbursable operations. Reimbursements owed up until the 10th will be paid out as usual.

3) Alliance leadership is officially on hiatus.

This means all issues should be handled on a corp level until there is some kind of reorganization after the evacuation.

Many corps are “doing their own thing” now in various corners of Eve, so I think this is another intuitive order.

4) Anyone who hasn’t moved everything to low-sec or NPC 0.0 should hurry up and do so now.

All IT corps took care of this long ago. Truthfully, I thought the NC would be here camping pipes and incapacitating bridges much sooner. Their lackadaisical approach and choice to finish Fountain first made it a cinch to get out every last asset.

[And yes, I know, Evolution lost some freighters, but it wasn’t to Clusterfuck/NC, it was just a smart gank by an unrelated party].

Argentina’s Post for Reference —

Before I mention anything else, I just want to say that I love the RKK duck signatures. :cultural victory:

Now for where the clarification is needed. This announcement does not mean IT Alliance will be disbanding.

The alliance will remain open, and those who want to stay can stay. I do not know if there are concrete plans for the future yet, but there have been some efforts to make it easier for a future regroup if and when that ever happens.

Unlike the fall of Kenzoku, this time around the GBC breakup has been fairly ugly with several corps leaving with a strong distaste for the leadership of other corps.

It speaks volumes that there are dozens of familiar faces in other corps re-subbing now that the war is lost, simply because they won’t have to deal with people they hated in the alliance anymore.

A great deal of good will between IT corps has been lost since we reconquered our space, and I think it would take very strong leadership to bring a majority of the GBC elements under the same banner again.

At a bare minimum, some time will be needed to shake off the baggage from the last 3 months.

Down the road, I wouldn’t rule out a revival, but the chances of getting back the corps that have already left in the near-term future seem slim-to-none.

I was not surprised when IT was formed. Everyone, wanted revenge after BoB was disbanded and Kenzoku got dog-piled. This time, IT Alliance killed itself more than any particular hostile group, so I don’t know if the same strong motivation is there to reform.

That said, if it were any other group I would be far more doubtful. Ex-BoB and GBC corps have a way staying connected even after shattering defeats.

It will be interesting to see where each IT corp ends up. So far, Dark Rising and The Executives are the only ex-IT corps not to join a new alliance. The Executives just left, while Dark had been out since the early days of the Fountain invasion.

Other ex-IT corps seem to be joining new alliances together in pairs. Finfleet & X13 joined Raiden together, and now DICE + BNC are joining NorthernCoalitionDOT.

I do not know for sure who is staying long-term in the alliance at this point. Another week or two to allow the dust to settle is needed before taking an official “head count” of who is still around.