An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

With IT Alliance in stasis, adrift and losing corps at an alarming rate, -MVN- recently moved into Curse. Our only goals coming in were to enjoy flying together and pick fights.

I am a big fan of the Curse region, and I recommended a constellation that I felt would provide everything we needed in a new playground.

On my first roam with the corp in Curse, I caught and nearly solo’d an Orca before being so generous as to invite the rest of the gang to jump in and whore the mail. They caught a Loki earlier in the day, and as more people moved in, the number of gangs was steadily increasing.

While I would be fine never joining a sov-holding alliance again, it wouldn’t be the preference of most of the corp, so inevitably we would be going somewhere new if IT didn’t start to show signs of life again.

Despite many good offers from other alliances, our plan was to stay in Curse for a significant amount of time.

Not only were we unwilling to seriously consider any offers while IT still stood some chance of fighting back, but we also wanted to do our own thing for a bit.

Even with RKK CEO Argentina announcing we would not try to protect our remaining space, all of the officers agreed that there should be no rush to join a new alliance.

Things changed suddenly when our ideal offer came along.

One of Avi’s connections indicated that there was a possibility for us to join someone whom we respected. We would be taking over systems we have always wanted back since they were lost to us years ago in IAC. Most importantly, we would be staying in the South close to all the action we want to be a part of.

I wanted us to stay in Curse for a while, but this offer makes it possible to play in Curse without losing the benefits of holding sovereignty.

The Maverick Navy will be joining Against All Authorities and living in Catch.

The problem with choosing a new alliance was not a lack of offers, or even a lack of good offers, it was the lack of places we would fit-in with and could be proud of.

AAA provides a best of all worlds arrangement for us, and we are excited to come aboard and devote our efforts to supporting them to the best of our ability.

We joined with a minor condition, that we would not be required to be directly involved in purging IT infrastructure. I admit it would be somewhat fun to bulldoze certain constellations, but the rest of AAA can do that without us anyway since IT has already said it will not fight for its remaining space.

Individual Mavericks can get involved with any ops they want, but we’re not forcing our members to shoot IT stations/infrastructure.

Why Didn’t You Join XYZ/ABC/123 Alliance?

(1) The NC was not an option. The lack of proximity to hostile alliances makes roaming more of a chore than it should be when you have NC standings. We also don’t want to sit around waiting for a single brave alliance to assault our coalition before blobbing them into the stone age. The NC is the most effective coalition in Eve’s history, and I’m not saying the individual alliances are all bad, but this just isn’t a viable option for us.

(2) The GSF/TEST coalition is slightly more promising than living up North, but also not an option for this corp. The Southwest might be a fairly busy area in the future, and it would be great to be part of a U.S. coalition for once in our lifetime as a corporation, but there are too many barriers to this happening. There is too much irrational hatred between those entities and most of our grunts. Even if these alliances were open to it, our corp would freak out at working with, “goonie scum.”

(3) The Drone regions didn’t get any serious consideration. The only thing exciting about joining would be the chance to potentially invade the NC from the east, but that isn’t enough to make us want to live in drone space. The East has some strong alliances but it just wouldn’t feel like home.

(4) PL was briefly discussed, but we knew it wasn’t realistic. We would have to kick 90% of our members and go terrorize some poor pet alliance for months to get the requisite street cred, and even then it probably wouldn’t make up for the stain of being ex-IT in the eyes of PL corps.

(5) Providence was a somewhat interesting option. NCdot and Evoke are currently stomping CVA, and the addition of around 800 ex-IT players from the reformed BNC corp + DICE should make this even more imbalanced. At this stage, there isn’t much of an attraction in helping to pacify Provi into an NBSI wasteland, even though I must admit I get a little satisfaction in seeing Aralis buried time and again due to his personal interpretation of how CVA should operate.

Why Was AAA So Appealing?

(1) The Location: Our corp functions better with some of its own systems. Not everyone can embrace a nomad’s life the way I do. The location we are moving into is ideal for both indys and combat pilots.

Combat pilots get proximity to Curse, Providence, low-sec Amarr empire systems, and IT space (which we are hoping will become a thunder-dome soon) among other great spots for pvp. They can also run anomalies with less risk than in NPC 0.0 systems to replace lost ships.

Indy pilots get incredibly easy logistics to empire, security, and profitable space to use. Our indy wing is also undergoing an overhaul that will have major advantages for the corp and its members.

(2) Their Politics: AAA is a southern power with a southern mindset. AAA has historically had more than enough targets to roam or invade. There are times when they had a fair number of allies, like last year’s invasion of the NC, but they at least value the concept of avoiding unnecessary standings.

(3) Strength, Willpower, and Good Allies: AAA proved they had the dedication to retake their space and impressed us in the Catch campaign. AAA also has good allies who support it when needed. The overall “Stainwagon” coalition has shown itself to be formidable and dedicated. This coalition consistently punches above its weight.

(4) Their Culture: When our representatives were on comms with the AAA people to discuss things there was laughter. It generally seemed like we would all get along very well. People with sticks up their butt are no fun and we’re somewhat tired of those types. The AAA leadership we’ve met with are chill guys who like to roam around and shoot people.

(5) A Familiar Mission for MVN: While AAA doesn’t have a strong U.S. timezone yet, we have a great opportunity to once again step up and make things happen. Since AAA has a very energized EU timezone, our Euros will have no problem staying active in the period where we have less leadership online. They might want to brush up on some Russian though.


8 Responses to “An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse”

  1. GL mate , watch your back with -A-, we didn’t and it cost us terribly ( when SYS-k lost Esoteria) after helping -A- in, 49-U6U ( multiple times) D-GTMI and most of Providence as well.

  2. -A- are a backstabbing carcus of a former great alliance. They only took back their space when they amassed a blob 3x the number of INIT and even then only really made headway when INIT got bored and moved to curse.

    I think this move is a dick move, selling your good name for space and for that I pitty you. Good luck living under russian rule protecting your new botting isk machine.

  3. We welcome our new USTZ overlords. Welcome to the Dragon Fleet.

  4. F4R2-Q Bottleshop anyone? Deja Vu.


  5. I think it is a good choice, and perfectly better then joining NC and having your roamers lacking targets..

    The south is an interesting place.. always something happening, and that is why we play this game no?


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