Maverick History :: Our 5-Year Aniversary

The Mavericks will have been officially operating as an internet spaceship corporation for 5 years as of March 30, 2011.

While our name changed once along the way from “The Mavericks” (-MV-) to “The Maverick Navy” (-MVN-), Avi’s project is now officially older than some of the boys he fancies.

I was recently inspired to write a short account of the history of -MVN- from my own perspective. It has been added as a static page of the blog under the “pages” header. Please feel free to check it out.

I will update the history page only as MAJOR events unfold in our history. It will not be touched very often.

Maverick history goes back to March of 2006 when “The Mavericks” was formed. It was not until a couple years later that the corp would reform as The Maverick Navy, but the change was purely cosmetic. The only thing left behind in the transition was one very short-sighted director.

I have to thank Avi for somehow holding such an interesting bunch of players together and tricking us into enjoying it so darn much.

From humble beginnings, the corp has come an incredibly long way:

> We’ve managed to find great members that “fit” here with us.

> We’ve developed new leaders in all departments, including many people outside of the U.S. timezone.

> Many of our pilots autonomously developed an active social media presence, without being asked, simply to share experiences they want to remember. To me that speaks volumes.

> We’ve also built a huge number of giant e-peen machines (aka supers) that are more important now than ever before in 0.0 warfare.

The best part is that we did it all without losing our identity along the way.

It’s easy to be a large corp in Eve Online. It’s even relatively easy to be a moderately-successful large corp in 0.0.

What’s hard is making a corp/clan/guild into a gaming community, with all the benefits that come along with such a thing.

-MVN- has always been a fun community to fly with in this crazy browser-esque click-fest we call an MMO.

Here’s looking forward to another 5 great years (or more) in Eve.


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  2. The Maverick Navy: “weeeeeeeeeee’re Propellastic!”

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