FAIL Hotdrop

I logged-in to find some fun, and was quickly invited to an MVN-lead AAA roam that had been killing stuff with great success this evening.

We swept up to Curse and popped a Cynabal who tried to re-approach a gate we had covered on both sides. Right after the nano-cockroach exploded, our FC was contacted by a Cascade Imminent (alliance ticker: “FAIL”) FC about a super-cap kill in progress.

Our light-weight roaming gang burnt at best speed to 5-v in Querious, where a PL Nyx and 8 carriers were bubbled on planet one (the site of the FAIL I-Hub).

FAIL had managed to bubble part of a PL fleet when the rest were jumping, and had quietly on-lined a cyno jammer to “lock out” PL’s other supers.

It was an excellent trap, but FAIL lacked sufficient dps in the system to kill anything, so the call went out to friendlies who began to head for the system in modest numbers.

We started with the carriers who were working hard to keep the Nyx alive. PL had a small number of other supers in the system working to bring down the cyno-jammer that FAIL had quietly on-lined to make this kill possible. It was a race against the clock.

Soon, only the NYX remained, but PL’s other forces in the system were close to bringing down the jammer, and they had a sizable number of sub-caps inbound via gates.

Unfortunately, things had gone too slowly up until this point because friendly supers were facing difficulties getting into the system while the cyno-jammer was still online. A jump bridge into system was being used, but it ran out of fuel and took too long to refill.

We took too long, and PL successfully brought down the cyno-jammer before the Nyx died. PL lit a cyno and jumped in with strong showing of supers. We were out-gunned at this point, so we focused on killing HICs / DICs to save friendly supers.

In the end, FAIL lost a titan. One has to feel bad for Best Path, as they seem to move from one tragedy to the next as a corporation. No other supers died (including the PL Nyx).

These are the relevant battle reports:

PL Board –

Eve Kill Board –

AAA Board –

I think FAIL made the right decision to take this opportunity. It didn’t work out the way our side would have liked, but without the jump bridge problems it could have been a great kill. It was also an exciting engagement.

In hindsight, it might have been wise to keep eyes on the jammer and essentially give up once it was clear PL would kill it in time, but I wasn’t involved in the command of this operation, so I can’t say for sure what they knew at the time

In the end, PL got caught in a bad situation, but they made smart moves, and showed once again why they’re the best of the best.


7 Responses to “FAIL Hotdrop”

  1. Roman Robert Says:

    Good action!
    I’m sorry I missed out on this.
    I’m still very green to null life but I’m learning and getting there is half the fun.
    Looking forward to your next report and hopefully flying with you guys.

  2. Sounds like IT at the end. I recall exactly the same problem where a jump bridge ran out of fuel and it took forever to get it re-fueled and…I think we lost a system in the end.

    In the end, PL got caught in a bad situation, but they made smart moves, and showed once again why they’re the best of the best.

    Really, the same PL that has been beating on CAAASEROL like a cheap drum for weeks now? Really?

    • I do think the way PL handled the trap proves they deserve their reputation as being the best (or at least extremely skilled).

      Sorry if that sentence you quoted from my entry wasn’t clear or something.

      As for them beating the coalition against them, no argument here on the facts, but it’s also true that SE/COVEN are not directly involved in the fights to help Atlas or Cascade Imminent. Therefore it isn’t really CASEROL that is being fought but Atlas/CI/AAA/Nulli.

  3. Calderus Rex Says:

    GF to you guys as well. Well executed trap that just didn’t quite pan out.

    The tense buildup and twists and turns of that fight felt like a movie. When your supers landed on grid and we tried to light cyno only to go ‘oh sh*t, its jammed’, man, high spaceship drama. Fights like that make you remember how awesome Eve can be.

    • Yes I agree, it was very memorable and could have turned out completely differently if any factors were changed (like the jump bridge, friendly response time, or PL’s decision to immediately take the jammer down with the other 3 supers).

  4. “Therefore it isn’t really CASEROL that is being fought but Atlas/CI/AAA/Nulli.”

    Ok, but what I don’t get is that you guys keep on bringing a butt ton of drakes and welping fleet after fleet. It fits perfectly the definition of insanity. Keep doing the same (fail) thing expecting different results. I’ve flown with you and PK and I’m pretty sure you guys know this. So I guess my question is…why did you guys ally yourself with a bunch of scrubs? These guys are complete shit. I’ve read PK’s version of that fight and its shocking. Sitting around waiting forever for orders. That Nyx should have died. Christ, who brings a SC to a JB without any freaking LO? Moron much? Jump in a couple of those and that JB will be empty.

    Every Cascade Imminent pilot should have their alliance ticker written on their foreheads with a sharpie.

    • We do feel a little disappointed that the alliance doesn’t want to move away from drakes just yet, but it’s not a deal-breaker for us. The official ops are inexpensive, a few tempests and drakes per fight is nothing to bat an eyelash at, even for us poor Southerners with no tech moons.

      -A- is a much more fun place for us. First off, the location and JB network is great for the regions we like to visit. Second, the other corps are really active in small gang roaming (which makes up 95% of the ops). Third, they subsidize certain things that are very useful to us.

      You also have to realize that EVERYONE looks terrible when they have to fight PL. We do usually have more numbers but not to the extent that the entire NC did, and even they struggled with PL.

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