Tenerifis Stations Fall

I don’t often blog about structure shooting, but I do attend “official ops” in addition to small gang roams and solo PvP.

Recently I was present for the fall of the last stations in Tenerifis. We were expecting a good fight from White Noise in 46DP and 9-9, but they didn’t jump their fleet into us.

This is actually the second time I have been present for the fall of the South East. The last time was with Atlas, in their golden age.

Some people have asked why AAA is doing this at all. The older AAA members want revenge, pure and simple, even if it only means blowing up a few CSAA’s and taking stations the enemy will no longer want when they move up North.

It has nothing to do with liking the NC or wanting them to win. If anything, messing up the home of DRF invaders only motivates them to permanently move into Northern regions. In that scenario both the DRF and Stain Wagon come out ahead.

I often her people say “what about the reprisal?” Truthfully, AAA has a great attitude. If we get pushed out by a coalition we can’t match we’ll just chill in Stain and Curse. We can retake Catch in due time. Living in NPC 0.0 isn’t any obstacle to finding good pvp on a daily basis, which is at the core of AAA’s very active roaming PvP culture.


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