How to Hook A New Player on Eve :: Make Their First Kill Memorable

I was recently asked by a corp mate to take his real-life friend roaming in low-sec. Many new players waste away in high sec, slowly growing bored before quitting, so I was happy to help out.

I met the new player in a 0.5 system where I traded him the fittings I wanted him to use on his Rifter. I set him up with an AB + Scram + Web configuration with a plated armor tank and named autos. His instructions, should he engage anything, were to orbit at 500 meters and apply tackle as best he could.

It became clear early on in the roam that the new pilot had received a crash-course from his friend. He was able to follow orders, set way-points, and generally seemed to understand what I wanted him to do. A few times he jumped gates prematurely, but even supposedly-experienced pilots do this from time to time.

If nothing else, this roam was proof to me that new players do not need to spend nearly as much time in empire “learning Eve” as some people suggest.

It was a Sunday night, and things were quiet early on. I could tell that my tag-along was getting bored after about half an hour, so I started having him run his ship scanner to search for anomalies in each system we entered, while I bombed straight into belts. This isn’t my preferred scouting methodology, but it kept him from spending too much time sitting on gates.

The mildly exciting, but thus-far uneventful trip continued until I scouted out a Proteus in Aldali. The owner of the ship seemed to be out-and-about in system, and there wasn’t much evidence of ratting. I decided to leave and send my new friend to rat in the belts.

Sure enough, the T3 cruiser showed up to take the bait within 2 minutes. He killed my young friend just as I landed, but I was able to apply short-range tackle in my Myrmidon before he could warp off.

The Proteus initially tried to get out of the situation claiming he was a friend of my corporation. Being that he was not set blue, I could care less who he was. He was shooting back the whole time, but his damage was comfortably tanked. I was actually rather disappointed with the performance of his ship, to be honest.

In the end, his Proteus exploded and the excited newbie got a very nice trophy for his first kill mail. His friend was on comms for the fight, and their conversation seems to indicate that his friend will be renewing his subscription. I think the phrase, “holy shit that was awesome” was uttered.

In the aftermath, I let the new player come scoop the loot in a reaper. He was floored to learn that he could earn a million isk from a t2 module. As a true newbie with less than 10 mil, I think the rather disappointing T3 drop (by my standards) was a huge windfall in his eyes.

There is really no substitute for the thrill of a fight. As someone who does this sort of thing daily, most often solo, I don’t get the same level of adrenaline flowing as I did when I started in 2007, but it is the same rush that keeps me playing the game.

I think I did my job pretty well getting this new player introduced to the kind of fun you can have in Eve PvP. I couldn’t have asked for a better target, and I’m just glad I didn’t have to escort the new guy back to high-sec without a fight under his belt.

Finally, thanks to Jack Conn for being such a trooper and tackling a Proteus on his first trip into low-sec. As a new player with zero combat experience, he could easily have screwed it up and let the target get away, but he pinned that expensive thorax down and held it long enough for me to arrive on scene. I couldn’t have done it without ya, Jack.


3 Responses to “How to Hook A New Player on Eve :: Make Their First Kill Memorable”

  1. I know you are not necessarily a huge TEST fan, but we have a strong culture of welcoming new players to nullsec and getting them involved in fights. The idea that you need to skill up for 0.0 is false, you just need friends. Thanks for making that point eloquently.

  2. I don’t have any particular animus for TEST, and you guys do a good thing for the game by drawing in players and helping them make sense of things.

    I actually discovered Reddit because of Dreddit, and I lurked for a while before registering recently.

    Controlling a ship in Eve is honestly simpler than playing a high-level character in most other popular MMOs, it’s the universe that’s bewildering.

    I believe noobs tend to stay in empire because only missions and mining appear accessible. This is a problem because Empire is the most boring place, from my perspective, and the only real pvp that you experience is incredibly one-sided (suicide ganking, war dec from orphanage, can fliping, ninja salvage ganks, etc.).

    There is no mission to go to low-sec and get ganked by pirates so you learn something about criminal flagging, for example.

    A big part of getting the most out of Eve is the realization that the best experiences are created by you, not CCP. If I could push a button to dump every 6+ month player out of high sec I would so so, immediately.

  3. I wish I could do this more often with my friends who gain interest in Eve, and then fall out again. The only problem for me is that I’m a fairly cautious pilot who really only ventures out when I have a few mavs for comfort. I just can’t stand the embarrassment of losing a ship in a stupid way which I most likely would do and get an earful from everyone!

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