Soloing In Curse

Everyone knows Curse is hot right now. Being my favorite 0.0 region, I couldn’t be happier about the current orgy of violence embroiling AAA’s nearby playground.

People say solo PvP is dead or impossible. For myself at least, that’s definitely not true.

The picture below covers a 6-day span during FINALS, when I had extremely limited time to play. Nearly all of the mails I got in that time were solo kills, as the “involved parties” column indicates.

I had zero eyes/scouts, no gang bonuses, no meta-gaming, no spies, and no blues in the system for these kills. I also didn’t fly anything expensive or pimped-out.

Starting a month ago, I have based out of the Heaven constellation, traveling back to -A- sovereign space only for larger alliance ops or -MVN- roams.

My goals has been to enjoy some casual solo PvP in affordable ships. Fortunately, the locals are usually up for a fight! If not, one only has to travel a couple jumps in any direction to find some trouble.

Despite the risks involved when soloing without any trump cards, I took no losses during the aforementioned 6-day period.

As of today, I still have a total of only 2 ship losses for the past 60 days. There were certainly many close calls though, usually related to escaping a blob after killing one member of their gang.

Here are some more mails from the following week:

There were a few “oh shit” moments over the last two weeks, like when Battlestars un-docked a carrier on me to try and save their Ferox. I consider carriers a bit of a buzz-kill in a small-gang oriented playground.

Repeated cocky displays of capitals by Battlestars in Curse resulted in this hot-drop. I may like to solo, but it doesn’t mean I am without options when people abuse their big toys! The same goes for most senior -MVN- FCs.

Another Battlestars pilot apparently shares his account with a friend. This guy’s ‘friend’ decided to un-dock a Gila that I was able to bump off station and kill in hopes of ratting in system.

I have no idea if this story was just a way for him to save face, or if he really has a friend who rats for him in busy npc 0.0 systems, but when he ‘took over control’ this dialogue commenced:

Going forward, I’ll continue shooting people, taking risks, and trying not to get mowed down by angry blobs.

Most of all, I’ll continue laughing at those who sit docked 23/7 complaining that Eve is only enjoyable as a forum discussion topic.

Recently, there have been lots of emo forum threads bemoaning the nerfs to 0.0 ratting as an income source.

I have always seen making isk as a mere means to an end, and sometimes even a necessary evil, but never something to be pursued as a primary goal in and of itself.

All you really need to have fun in this game is a few cheap ships, decent setups, and the courage to take chances.

That being so, who is really to blame for the fact that people spin ships in stations for hours on end? Is it the people at CCP, the sand-box makers, or the people who never try to make their own fun?

If you ask me, CCP could do a much better job in many areas, but the game is nothing if  not rife with the potential for adventure and conflict.


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