Risk And Ye Shall Recieve :: A Humourous Tale of Ship Replacement

This is a short story about taking a crazy risk to kill someone, losing your ship in exchange, and then miraculously acquiring a replacement for free.

First off, a little background for this tale. I had been roaming the entire day, as is the norm in AAA, on a MVN-lead marathon roam that stopped periodically in GE- for a short breaks before heading out time and again.

We roamed Curse, Catch, Provi, and low-sec. The only thing those roams had in common was that, each time we returned home, we took a shot at tackling Brick Squad – the alliance running a Burn Eden style camp in HED. We caught one of their un-probeable Tengus the previous day, but this time we settled for killing lesser ships.

After roaming all day, I decided to jump-clone over to Hemin for a little “me time” in a solo boat. As it turns out, a corp mate was nearby, and so he brought a shield cane to back me up for some near-downtime hunting.

Duo-pvp can be just as much fun as soloing. You gain a degree of backup and synergy, without feeling like you’re in a blob.

Our first target was a Dramiel who kept taunting us from long range. He eventually got too close and I was able to tackle him. Once ensnared, we melted the pesky Dram.

Asa went back to Catch to log off, only to be replaced by Chemicals. Chem only had his Vengence, so when Ushra Khan un-docked a drake with 4 other corp mates in station to back it up, we didn’t fight back initially.

I then hatched a plan. I know I can kill a Drake in about 90 seconds in my neutron mega. I also expected that some of the people in station would log off a few minutes before downtime. We waited until 4 minutes before downtime to have Chemicals undock. The Drake shot at the Vengence.

This time I un-docked with my 7 neutrons and 5 ogre II’s ready to melt the drake. I was 20% into the Drake’s shield when his gang undocked. I was able to finish the Drake with 2 minutes left, which means I sprung the trap too soon. My plan was to let server would go down after the drake died, but before the gang could kill my mega.

I should have had Chemicals undock at the 2 minute mark instead of 4 minutes. However, it looked like I might actually survive. I entered hull just as the server kicked everyone out for downtime. When the server came back up, I learned from my loss mail that I had died almost a minute after downtime. I have no idea if that is petitionable or not, but it doesn’t matter that much to me.

Somehow, Chemicals and I just really wanted to kill this particular drake, and we did it. Even though trading a BS for a BC is not a good way to boost efficiency, somehow I felt great about it.

The next day, I logged onto AAA Teamspeak and asked the regular U.S. timezone crew what was going on. They had been roaming Providence in t1 cruisers daring CVA and friends to fight them (to no avail) while ganking anything they could catch.

I jump cloned to low-sec and caught up with them in a inty. We ended up tackling a Megathron in R3-K. Interestingly, he ejected!

Being that I had lost a mega last night, no one objected when I took his mega for my own. It was fit with trimarks and t2 neutrons, not a standard ratting fit, making it a perfect replacement for the one I had lost.

Talk about a reimbursement policy! Oh, and the poor pilot got podded anyway, despite ejecting.

Over the holiday weekend, I had many great fights, but I thought I’d write about this particular story instead. Somehow, as if my brazen attitude were being rewarded, I came upon a perfect substitute for the mega I lost. That simply amuses me to no end.


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